Understanding Your Blood Pressure And What Is A Safe Range

So many people are concerned about high blood pressure that they often don’t take the time to even learn what the healthy blood pressure range is. This can be important because it will help you to understand where exactly you are in terms of a range or danger areas, and it will paint a clearer picture for you about your overall health.

Reading Your Blood Pressure

downloadBefore diving into what counts as normal range blood pressure, it’s important to also understand how blood pressure is read and what it means. Blood pressure is a series of two numbers, given as millimeters of mercury, or mm Hg. The first number, and the larger of the two, is systolic blood pressure. This is the reading of blood pressure as your heart is actually pumping out blood. When your heart is between pumps, blood pressure is measured as diastolic blood pressure, that’s the second and the smaller number of the two.

High Blood Pressure

The healthy blood pressure range usually begins at less than 120/80. Above this and you start becoming at risk for hypertension, or high blood pressure, which is blood pressure of 140/90 or more. As you approach this stage you may want to begin treatment even before you technically have an official diagnosis of hypertension. Also because symptoms don’t really appear on the surface, it’s important to get readings of these numbers frequently so you can prevent problems before they start and react to them quickly once they appear.

Low Blood Pressure

You know the upper limits of normal blood pressure, but what’s the lower limit? This varies from person to person and it’s not always agreed upon what counts as too low. Generally, blood pressure of less than 90/60 is considered low. Therefore the range for your systolic blood pressure to shoot for is between 90 and 120, and for your diastolic readings it’s between 60 and 80.

Blood Pressure During Pregnancy

During pregnancy blood pressure becomes even more important. While it may be normal for blood pressure to drop in the first months of pregnancy, there are also major complications that can arise from increased blood pressure. This includes a condition called preeclampsia, which can affect both the mother and the child. When this causes seizures it is known as eclampsia, and it’s the second largest cause of death for pregnant women.

Hopefully now you have a better understanding of healthy blood pressure range. The most important part of this range is that you don’t want to have blood pressure too high, as you will then fall into prehypertension and eventually hypertension. Once you are below these levels you are considered normal, and then you have a very wide range to operate in so to speak before you are dangerously low. It’s always better to opt for blood pressure as low as possible unless there is some kind of other health condition or problem that is having an effect on your body.

Yoga Paves The Road To Healthier Living

yoga_roomWith wanting to live a healthier life, you have to take the responsibility for the first step. Following a healthy diet and getting enough exercise is two of the most important steps to take. Some exercises are harder than others and you might not enjoy exercise as much as the next person, but there are many different exercise plans to choose from. Yoga and Pilates are great physical fitness systems that can bring health to not just your body, but to you soul and state of mind as well. Try the different exercises and you will soon see which one works best for you.

Different Ways To Learn Yoga Hand Positions

There are many different ways you can learn yoga. The different ways you can learn hand yoga includes printing topics from the web, through books, and from an instructor. Hand yoga can help you with your mind, body, and your spirit.

Yoga hand positions are known by the term Mudra. In addition to the many hand positions, Mudra includes eye positions, different body postures, and even breathing techniques. The finger, eye, and body postures are symbolic and have the ability to depict states of consciousness.

Finding Yoga Positions Online

The web is one of the most useful tools for finding hand yoga positions. You can find printable yoga exercises and instructions to perform at home. This is useful if you don’t want to go to a class. One thing to keep in mind is that printing the exercises can help you get started but you need to be knowledgeable and learn about the art. Be sure you choose exercises from a credible site. Ways to determine if the site is credible is by the amount of traffic coming and going to the site and by researching the business. The site might say the instructor supports kogosowski or other techniques. Be sure there is plenty of information about yoga hand positions and topics you can learn. The web allows you to search through tons of directories quickly and easily. You want to be sure the information and exercises you are practicing are correct and accurate so you get the best out of them. Plus, your friends would think you were silly if you were performing incorrect exercises thinking you were benefiting from them.yoga_three_panel

Taking A Look At Yoga Books

Yoga books are the best places to find hand yoga exercises because they are definitely credible. Because yoga hand exercises also include posture and breathing, you cannot just learn a hand gesture. You need to know how to breathe and how to sit properly. Your public library may have a large collection of books on yoga. You might want to check your local bookstore also. If you want to buy yoga books, you can look on the web for books on yoga. Books on yoga will not only tell you the gestures, posture, and breathing, but they will educate you on the history of yoga and how you will benefit from each of the exercises.

Taking Yoga Classes

You can go to yoga classes to learn hand yoga and other yoga forms. You might want to bring a yoga hand towel in case your hands get clammy or sweaty. An instructor is a good source for learning the exercises because you will learn them in person. This way, you can talk to a credible person who you know is educated and can help you get the best out of yoga. The only downfall to yoga classes is they may be inconvenient for you during the times the classes are offered.

There are many different ways you can learn hand yoga. It is important to understand this form of yoga includes more than just gestures of your hands, but also the way you breathe, your posture, and more. Ways you can learn hand exercises include on the web, in yoga books, and from a certified instructor.

Begin Performing Bikram Yoga Postures

Before you begin performing bikram yoga postures it is important to learn a few things about this style of yoga. Some of the factors you might want to consider include calories burned, benefits, and you might even want to get a bit of advice from a professional.

Losing Weight

If you are looking for a style of yoga in order to get into shape and lose weight then you need to research the different styles first. Don’t begin Bikram yoga postures until you are sure this is the right yoga for you. One of the things to consider about buckram yoga is if it will give you the health benefits you are looking for. There are many types of yoga and some even use equipment to perform the exercises. If you want to lose weight then you should find out how many calories does bikram yoga burn before you get started. This will help you decide if you will be losing enough weight or not. Plus, it will also help you watch your calorie count as you eat throughout the day.

Positive Effects Of Bikram Yoga

yoga_roomBikram yoga postures have many benefits as do other yoga forms. In addition to the fit benefits, there may be other reasons you would want to take this form of yoga. When looking at bikram yoga it is important to determine the positive aspects of this sport and art. There is a lot you can get from it for your health, mind, and spirit. Mental health is very important and if you feel you need to be more centered mentally, this may be exactly what you need. Researching all of the positive aspects of this sport can help you focus and set goals to achieve with these.

Start With The Basics

Tips from a professional is a good idea when you are looking at bikram. Keep in mind you should never begin an advanced class if you have never performed any yoga before. Many people think they can get right into an advanced class because they think there is nothing to yoga but stretching and postures. This is not the case. You must start at basic positions and work your way to a higher level of yoga. You can injure yourself if you go straight to a high level without the knowledge of the exercises first. Yoga includes more than just exercises but also breathing, and posture positions too. Talk to a professional and have them help you determine how you can be successful with your yoga endeavors.

Bikram yoga postures can be learned in many ways. You can learn this form of yoga from the web, in books, and even by taking classes from an instructor. It is best to learn about this type of yoga before you get started, learn all of the positives and everything you can get out of it, and even get a few tips from a professional yogi. You might find that yoga was exactly what you needed to get into the best shape of your life physically and mentally.

How Room Air Cleaners Can Contribute To Better Health

14054063We are constantly do everything we can for healthier living. But, healthier living is not just about following a healthy diet or exercise plan, it is also changing your lifestyle along with your surroundings to make every aspect of your life healthier.

Opt For Cleaner Air

Filtering out the air pollutants is essential because studies have shown that the amount of pollution indoors is much worse than outside. In fact, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has indicated that indoor air pollution could be as high as 100 times compared to outdoor pollution. The health effects of being exposed to the various kinds of air contaminants, including allergens, will depend on susceptibility of the individual and the level of exposure. The effects could immediately become evident or it could take years before they will manifest as diseases. Thus, the use of room air cleaners could help eliminate common health problems like sinusitis, asthma, dizziness, headaches, fatigue, and others.

Types Of Home Air Filters

There are various kinds of home air filters that could be utilized for room air cleaners. The mechanical air filter, where a fan forces the air to pass through a screen or filter, is commonly used. However, the High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter is considered to be the best room air filter for air pollutants because particles as small as 0.3 micron could not get through it. However, the disadvantages of the mechanical and HEPA filters are the noise produced by the fan motor and the electric power that is required. Fortunately, the noise can be reduced by using a fan motor that is designed for a large room. Care should also be taken to make sure that the fan is directed at drapes or carpets to avoid stirring the dust.

Electronic Air Filter

The electronic air filter is another type of air room cleaner but this time, the pollutants are provided with electrostatic charges. As these particles pass through the device, they are attracted to the collecting plates because of their electric charge. However, a disadvantage of this particular kind of air purifier is that it produces ozone, which may actually irritate the respiratory tract, thereby leading to a variety of health problems, including rhinitis and asthma.

Ultraviolet Air Filters

Meanwhile, ultraviolet air filters are designed to kill molds, bacteria and viruses when these pass through the device. On the other hand, the ozone generators are used to intentionally create ozone molecules that react with various air contaminants, especially after a fire. However, ozone can stimulate bronchospasms in asthmatic people.

Other kinds of room air cleaners include the gas phase air filters, which utilize activated carbon granules to eliminate unwanted odors in the house. However, they have the disadvantage of easily becoming ineffective as they get loaded with fumes and other volatile organic compounds. Nevertheless, the gas phase filter is relatively cheap and the pre-filter can eliminate large particles. Thus, it can prolong the life of the HEPA filter. Meanwhile, it is also possible to install air cleaners for the whole house by installing them with the HVAC system. However, the installation of this system is expensive and the ozone byproducts of the electrostatic filters can contaminate the whole house.

Getting In Shape

There is no doubt about the fact that regular exercising sessions bring your body to a perfect shape and help in increasing the metabolic activities of the body. Exercising on a regular basis helps the digestive system perform to its potential and helps in distributing the various nutrients to all parts of the body in the right proportion.


Morning jogs, gyms and yoga exercises are highly recommended for people who are overweight or tend to gain weight quickly. Experts also recommend that your practice meditation sessions every morning and follow these sessions by yoga exercises. Meditation is classified as a ‘way of life’ by Egyptians and Indians. Learning basic meditation techniques is not very hard and with practice you can swiftly perform meditation and the various asanas of yoga. Meditation and yoga are not only good for your body but also help you stay fresh mentally.

Diet Plan and Eating Habits


Eating fried food and fast food on a regular basis nullifies the effects of daily exercises and it is important to avoid any kind of food that rides high on cholesterol. Make sure that you eat a lot of fruits throughout the day and that you include green vegetables in your daily meals. Vegetables and fruits have always been friends of the body and help in proper functioning of the liver, kidney and the digestive system which further leads to loss in weight. It is also beneficial to keep an eye on your eating habits and improve these habits gradually. Research has proved that it is highly profitable to eat five or six small meals a day rather than eating a single big meal in the day. You should also make sure that you do not pig out on your meals and that you do not hit the sack just after eating your dinner.

Outdoor Activities


If you find it hard to find the time to hit the gym on a daily basis, you can simply take the weekend off to go trekking or cycling. The best part about trekking in the hills is that you do not just shed a lot of calories but your mind and soul also get the break they need leaving to refreshed when you get back home. If you go trekking, make sure that you carry the necessary gear, which you can get by having a look at these,  first-aid kit reviews, camera reviews, range finder reviews and torch reviews among many other accessories.


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Healthy Cooking For A Health Lifestyle

1st.-Healthy-CookingIf you want to live a healthy lifestyle, the first thing you have to give attention to is eating healthy. It is not always easy cooking a healthy meal as you might not have any healthy ideas. Taking cooking classes or courses can teach you to think outside the box when it comes to healthy cooking, giving you a treat with every meal.

Healthy cooking classes are growing more and more popular. America is in the middle of changing its eating habits and is needing to find new ways to make foods that are good and good for you so it is no great surprise that people are taking classes to do just that. There is no shortage of options for you. You can take online cooking classes that focus on healthy cooking or search out local classes that you can take. Even the best culinary schools and culinary universities include healthy cooking as part of their curriculum so you are in good company. Healthy cooking classes are becoming a new American standard.

Finding The Top Culinary Schools

If you decide to take online cooking classes you have almost limitless options. All the best culinary schools offer some free classes online and when they do that they try to offer the ones that people will take, such a a healthy cooking class. For the top culinary school this works both as a piece of altruism and as a little bit of self promotion. In fact, many products do that as well (in fact they have been doing just that sort of thing for almost 130 years). If you want a more rounded experience and don’t mind the cost there are culinary schools online that offer more complete and well rounded classes. If you don’t mind the extra effort, you can even put together your own curriculum that focuses on the points of healthy eating you are most concerned with.1st.-Healthy-Cooking

Children Learning To Cook

With taking online cooking classes you can involve your kids a lot more than maybe most class settings but there are both online and class settings that are made just for kids. When children learn to cook healthy they also learn healthy eating and that is something every parent wants to see. It is not that hard to involve kids in your online class. You know your children better than anyone so you can teach them better than anyone else can. You know which of your children are “little helpers” and which need a little prodding. Most children will really enjoy it; it is an act of creation, like coloring book with food. Also, once they have helped make it they will also be excited to eat it. Kids will eat pretty much anything if they helped make it and that means healthy eating habits that will stay with them for life as well as basic cooking skills that everyone should know. Now days, having no cooking skills is frowned upon almost like not being able to read (well, not quite that much).

Healthy cooking classes are a great way to start taking better care of your self but that does not mean you can only eat raw vegetables (if fact, some veggies are better for you if the are cooked). Maybe you just want to learn a little to improve your diet, like using peppers instead of salt to help food or mir poix in stocks rather than salt. All these things can be learned and help improve your lifestyle to a more health one.