Basic And Advanced Trampoline Exercises To Benefit Your Health

jumping_on_trampolineThere are many different types of trampoline exercises which can help you improve your tone and get in shape. You might already be in shape but would like to workout at home. Trampoline exercises might be exactly what you need. There are basic and advanced exercises you can perform on a trampoline.

Trampoline Aerobic Exercises

Aerobic exercise routines on a trampoline can be extremely beneficial to your health if you perform them on a regular basis. Exercise is vital to your health and it can help you build a stronger immune system and even lose weight. Before you begin any type of workout on an exercise trampoline, it is very important that you stretch. Stretching gets the blood flowing and helps with circulation  and it also decreases chances of injury. Many people think they don’t have to stretch when working out on a mini trampoline or working out with an exercise DVD, but this is not the case. Always stretch prior to a workout to get your muscles ready for your workout.

The Contact Bounce

The contact bounce is one of the trampoline exercise routines that are most commonly used for warming up and cooling down. You will place your feet shoulder-width apart, hands on your waist, and begin by bending your knees up and down. This will start the movement of the trampoline up and down. You do not remove your feet from the trampoline mats at all during this exercise. There is no jumping involved in the warm-up or cool down. This up and down motion will begin working out your muscles slowly. You can shift your weight from left to right during each bounce if you like. Also, be sure your legs are not spread too far apart during the warm up bounces or this could strain the muscles in your legs.

Different Trampoline Exercises

Some of the different exercises you can do include:

  • contact big bounce
  • jumping jacks
  • knee raise
  • twist bounce
  • vertical elevation
  • upright row and more

If your goal is for weight loss, these exercises can help you as long as you are eating a well balanced diet and working out on a regular basis. When performing basic exercises on an exercise trampoline, it is important not to overwork your body. Always begin a routine slowly at 5 minutes a day and add to the routine. It is common to assume a trampoline workout is super easy and not too strenuous. However, you can get a surprisingly good workout on a trampoline. Overdoing it will cause you to be in a lot of pain the next day, even with basic exercises.

Advanced Trampoline Aerobic Exercises

Some of the advanced trampoline aerobic exercise routines include motions like:

  • the vertical elevation dance
  • classic dance
  • jogging

While performing strenuous workouts on a trampoline, even a mini trampoline, it is important to stretch, eat well, and drink a lot of water. You should never jump into a strenuous routine right away. Work your way up to an advanced workout if you are out of shape. Round trampolines can give you a very strenuous workout and tone every muscle in your body. Be sure you are ready for it.