The Best Yoga Chair


With many of us moving away from the yoga studio and towards home practice, a lot of us are on the lookout for the tools and props that we need to improve our practices. Increasingly, people are looking for yoga chairs to help improve their balance, backbends, and twists. And use them for general support when there are weaknesses, specifically in the legs.

However, with so many ways to use yoga chairs and benches, it can be challenging to pick the right one for you and your needs. That’s where we come in. Here’s the ultimate guide to the best yoga chairs and the best yoga benches and which ones will be best for your specific needs, ability, and level of space.

Yoga Bench

Yoga Auxiliary Chair

Essentially, you can use any type of stable chair for chair yoga; however, if you’re looking to do more complicated poses and inversions, then you might want something a little bit more specific. Fundamentally, yoga chairs tend to come in the two categories that we’ve highlighted in this guide; auxiliary chairs and benches.

Yoga benches backless nature makes them ideal for practicing inversions and arm balances. Some benches are collapsible; however, many are static in design, so they can be tricky to store away, but size-wise, they’re already smaller than yoga chairs. Another thing to consider is that they normally make yoga benches of wood rather than metal, so they are often more sustainable—something to consider if you’re trying to be more eco-friendly.

Auxiliary chairs are similar to folding, collapsible chairs and are ideal for supporting balancing poses or helping those recovering from injury. The critical difference between these and regular dining room chairs is that they’re lightweight and structured in such a way that they’re easy to store and easy to work around without hitting your arm or leg on a chair leg or back!

A Word of Caution

Practicing yoga, like any exercise, has its risks. Please don’t attempt postures or moves that are higher than your ability level. It’s always better to have someone else present, whether a qualified instructor or simply a supportive friend, who can help you get in and out of more advanced postures. Using these yoga chairs and yoga benches don’t eliminate the risk. It simply offers additional support.

Suppose you’re unsure about how to use yoga benches or chairs; either read the instruction manuals online before buying or go down to your local yoga studio or instructor and get their advice on the matter. It can be dangerous to go into inversions or poses that revolve around chair legs if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Top 5 Yoga Benches

1. FeetUp Trainer (The Original)

The Best Yoga Bench FeetUp Trainer (The Original)
  • Weight Capacity:
  • Dimensions:
    25.2” x 15.75” x 15.75”
  • Item Weight:

The FeetUp Trainer is the original yoga bench, being manufactured sustainably by German master craftsmen since 2008. With a large following of home yoga enthusiasts and yoga instructors, it’s one of the most well-known yoga benches on the market.

With its simple but eye-catching design and variety of colors, it’s easy to assemble and use, enabling you to improve your yoga practice and inversions in a safe and comfortable way.


They made the FeetUp Trainer with sustainability at its core. They made the sleek design from recycled wood, and they made the cushioning using vegan leather. It’s crafted by high-quality craftsmen that ensure every product is designed and made to the highest possible standards. Cruelty-free and great for the environment – what more do you want?


According to all the reviews, the FeetUp Trainer is a sturdy, highly durable option for your yoga bench. It doesn’t slip or slide thanks to the rubber pads on the bottom of the feet. Due to the high-quality German craftsmanship, this yoga bench is easy to assemble. It remains stable throughout your yoga practice, whether you’re inverted or with your feet firmly on the ground.


Due to the sleek design of this yoga bench, it looks great in any room. If you have more than one of the FeetUp Trainers, they are stackable, making them ideal for instructors and larger classes. However, unlike some of the other options on this list, the FeetUp Trainer is not foldable. However, this makes the yoga bench feel a lot more comfortable and secure.

Why Should You Buy It?

  • Includes A2 poster of postures and asanas
  • Sustainable buying process; each one bought is a tree planted
  • It comes with a free phone holder to follow along with practices
  • Stackable design

2. KOKSRY Yoga Headstand Bench

  • Weight Capacity:
  • Dimensions:
    15.5” x 26” x 16”
  • Item Weight:

The KOKSRY Yoga Headstand Bench is a durable, adaptable yoga chair that works well for anyone wanting to progress towards integrating more or different inversions into their daily yoga practice in a safe and secure environment.

The yoga bench’s strong triangular base makes this a highly sturdy option, while the foldable aspects make it ideal for anyone who is short on space or needs to transport their yoga bench to different locations.


They made the KOKSRY Yoga Headstand Bench from stainless steel and high-quality PU leather to create a durable, reliable yoga bench. The PU leather covers a layer of sponge to provide comfort during your inversion and makes the yoga bench easy to clean in between workouts.


The KOKSRY Yoga Headstand Bench uses a triangular structure to its base, meaning that it’s the strongest and most stable that it can be. It also comes with non-slip suction cups that provide a secure base to work out on. This yoga bench also features non-slip handles to avoid losing your grip during sweaty yoga practices.


The KOKSRY Yoga Headstand Bench is easily stored as a foldable yoga bench, folding down to 6.3 x 28 inches. It makes this particular yoga bench perfect for tucking away behind your sofa or popping in the back of your car if you’re working out away from your home.

Why Should You Buy It?

  •  It helps promote circulation
  • Quick 3-step assembly
  • Versatile and easy to clean

3. SISYAMA Yoga Bench

SISYAMA Yoga Chair
  • Weight Capacity:
  • Dimensions:
    29″ x 20.4″ x 7.1″
  • Item Weight:

The SISYAMA Yoga Chair is an extended yoga bench ideal for beginners and those short on space because of its easy-to-store foldability. It also has the added benefit of zero assemblies. Simply buy, wait for delivery, and get started straight away.

The longer surface area and non-slip handles mean that the SISYAMA Yoga Chair is sturdier and more stable than a lot of its competitors.


They made the SISYAMA Yoga Chair from a sturdy, pre-assembled metal frame with a sponge providing thick cushioning for maximum comfort and a PU top for ultimate comfort when you’re going upside down. The yoga bench also has durable non-slip feet that give you peace of mind while you’re completing your workout.


When looking at stability, the SISYAMA Yoga Chair is high on the list. Due to it coming pre-assembled, there are no tools or adjustments needed – or mistakes that can be made! With the longer surface area, the SISYAMA Yoga Chair has a sturdier, more stable base, which means you’re much less likely to tip over or wobble during your yoga practices and inversions.


The SISYAMA Yoga Chair is ideal for those with limited space as it’s lightweight, completely folds down, and is secured with self-locking hooks. Even though it’s slightly longer than other yoga benches on this list, it’s easy to store and set up, making it an ideal yoga bench regardless of your level or the amount of space you have.

Why Should You Buy It?

  •  It comes with a helpful instruction manual for inversions
  • Arrives already assembled
  •  Longer yoga bench for increased stability

4.  Restrial Life Yoga Headstand Bench

 Restrial Life Yoga Headstand Bench
  • Weight Capacity:
  • Dimensions:
    25″ x 14.96″ x 15.63″
  • Item Weight:

The Restrial Life Yoga Headstand Bench is a multipurpose, multiple configuration yoga bench that’s versatile and perfect for a wide range of abilities and ages. With its easy-to-follow four-step headstand technique, its design is ideal for getting you inverted in a safe, secure and straightforward way.

It also benefits from a detachable cushion that doubles as a yoga block, which comes in very handy when working up to more advanced and adventurous postures.


The Restrial Life Yoga Headstand Bench comes in various colors and is made from more environmentally friendly solid wood materials. According to physical engineering, they also designed the framework with super pressure resistance, making it secure no matter what shape you end up in.

It also has an easy-to-clean high-density PU sponge cushion to make you more comfortable upside down, which is replicated in the removable yoga block.


The Restrial Life Yoga Headstand Bench is made from sturdy and sustainable wood and has non-slip pads on the feet to prevent the yoga bench from moving around during your practice. The inverted stool mats are fixed with knob screws, which are more stable and convenient to remove the detachable yoga block.


Although the Restrial Life Yoga Headstand Bench isn’t collapsible for storage, its sleek, natural design means that it’s a great addition to your living room or workout space. When it’s not in use, you can even use it as a sofa or a footstool. To use it as a full seat, simply reattach the removable yoga block section.

Why Should You Buy It?

  •  Removable yoga block configuration
  • Environmentally friendly, sturdy materials
  •  5-minute installation

5. Evolution Health USA Original Headstander

Evolution Health USA Original Headstander
  • Weight Capacity:
  • Dimensions:
    18.20″ x 13.70″ x 7.20″
  • Item Weight:

The Evolution Health USA Original Headstander is one of the more famous yoga benches on this list, having been shown on the Martha Stewart Show and The Doctors show and been around for 40 years. Designed with a removable seat insert, it’s ideal for resting and practicing your headstands in a safe and comfortable way.


They made Evolution Health USA Original Headstander from oval-shaped metal legs, which they claim are sturdier than their wooden counterparts. They made the cushioning from a molded extra padded foam cushion covered with vegan leather—making the Evolution Health USA Original Headstander durable, lightweight, and easy to clean.


The metal legs offer a strong, sturdy base from which to begin your handstand practice. The  Evolution Health USA Original Headstander takes two minutes to assemble. It comes with a little tool to tighten the bolts, which works well to increase stability, making sure you feel comfortable, safe, and secure no matter where your practice leads you.


Although the Evolution Health USA Original Headstander doesn’t fold down for storage purposes, it is a lightweight and small option for those looking to improve their handstands and core stability. You can add the removable cushion back to create an easy-to-use footstool when you don’t want to dangle upside down.

Why Should You Buy It?

  • 10-year guarantee for craftsmanship
  • 40 years’ worth of experience
  • Specifically designed for handstands
  • It improves circulation

Top 5 Yoga Auxiliary Chairs

1. CIGOCIVI Yoga Auxiliary Chair with Lumbar Back Support

CIGOCIVI Yoga Auxiliary Chair with Lumbar Back Support
  • Weight Capacity:
  • Dimensions:
    32.6” x 35” x 16”
  • Item Weight:

The CIGOCIVI Yoga Auxiliary Chair is a versatile, multifunctional, and multi-configuration tool that allows you to expand your practice with inversions, backbends all while improving your core strength, stability, and balance. The removable lumbar support gives a bonus level to any yoga practice while protecting your spine as you improve and grow on your yoga journey.


They made the frame for the CIGOCIVI Yoga Auxiliary Chair of metal. We made the covering mat out of flax and sponge for complete comfort, whether you’re doing backbends, inversions, or just having a pleasant, restful sit-down.


Because of the CIGOCIVI Yoga Auxiliary Chair H-shape metal legs, the frame is super stable and durable, no matter what you’ve got planned for your workout. With soft and high-quality flax and sponge pads to support the back and make you more comfortable when you’re upside down, this also helps prevent you from slipping down during these postures.


The CIGOCIVI Yoga Auxiliary Chair has many configurations, so you can remove different sections and parts to make the product smaller. It’s also foldable and can be collapsed down to save on space. Because of its cushioned base, the lumbar support will also work as a regular chair if you take off.

Why Should You Buy It?

  • Increased lumbar support
  • Multiple configurations
  •  Easy to store

2. Aozora Backless Yoga Chair Prop

Aozora Backless Yoga Chair Prop
  • Weight Capacity:
  • Dimensions:
     41.5″ x 19.49″ x 2.99”
  • Item Weight:

The Aozora Backless Yoga Chair Prop is a great product for anyone looking for their first chair or bench to use within their yoga practice. Used in studios around the country, its basic, pretty design and lack of a front crossbar allow for multiple poses with full support.

The Aozora Backless Yoga Chair also has the added benefit of having a beautiful printed design, meaning that it looks great in your home even if you’re not using it.


This yoga chair has a very sturdy, strong tubular steel construction, and the seat is coated with a wipeable, printed smooth cloth. The Aozora Backless Yoga Chair is lightweight, at only 9lbs, and easy to clean, move and store if you’re practicing yoga away from home.


As the Aozora Backless Yoga Chair is used in studios around the country, you know that it will be strong and stable with its double-hinge design! Although it’s a deceptively simple and lightweight design, it can hold up to 350lbs, and the reviews are clamoring about how stable the Aozora Backless Yoga Chair is.


Due to it being so light, the Aozora Backless Yoga Chair is easy to move around and store, regardless of how big your space is. The folded height of the yoga chair is 98cm, the opened height is 79cm, and the seat size is 40x 40cm, so even if you use this as a regular chair, it’s a great size for bringing out for guests.

Why Should You Buy It?

  • No front crossbar for increased poses
  • Lifetime, no-hassle guarantee
  •  Lightweight design

3. INNOLIFE Veocore Yoga Auxiliary Chair

INNOLIFE Veocore Yoga Auxiliary Chair with Lumbar Back Support
  • Weight Capacity:
  • Dimensions:
     32.6″ x 18.5″ x 15.9″
  • Item Weight:

The INNOLIFE Veocore Yoga Auxiliary Chair is a multipurpose, multi-configuration yoga chair that helps to improve posture and support you during your practice. The bonus yoga resistance band helps to increase your flexibility and give your muscles that well-needed stretch before, after, and during your yoga session.


The INNOLIFE Veocore Yoga Auxiliary Chair features 25mm thickened chair legs for stability, with dilated, cushioned lumbar support. It is wear-resistant, skin-friendly, breathable, and dirt-resistant, making it easy to clean and comfortable on your skin, whether you’re working out or just relaxing.


Due to the INNOLIFE Veocore Yoga Auxiliary Chair’S non-slip hoof chair feet and extra chunky chair legs, this yoga chair is massively sturdy and stable, giving you the peace of mind you need during your workout. This also makes them comfy to sit on for long periods of time if you’re relaxing.


The INNOLIFE Veocore Yoga Auxiliary Chair is small. You can fold it to save space while having multiple detachable parts to make storage simple and effective.

The comfy nature of the INNOLIFE Veocore Yoga Auxiliary Chair also makes it an ideal solution for just relaxing after you’ve finished your practice.

Why Should You Buy It?

  • Helps to correct posture
  •  It comes with an extra resistance band
  •  Removable lumbar support

4. Pune Yoga Chair

Pune yoga chair
  • Weight Capacity:
  • Dimensions:
     16 3/4″ x 15 ¾” x 15”
  • Item Weight:

The Pune Yoga Chair has been used in Iyengar and other yoga studios throughout the US. It has a great reputation for supporting beginners who want to take advantage of the postures, poses, and asanas that the chair yoga has to offer.


They made the Pune Yoga Chair from sturdy but lightweight metal, which is great for carrying to different locations. But what sets this yoga chair apart from the crowd is its unique decorative cotton wrapping for enhanced grip and hand feel. This wrapping means that even if your hands get sweaty, the chances of slipping are massively reduced.

The Pune Yoga Chair also has a thinly cushioned seat to help support your back and knees while you’re working out and trying new and exciting postures.


Because of the unique cotton wrapping, the Pune Yoga Chair feels secure regardless of whether you’re upside down, performing backbends, or simply just holding on when you’re trying to improve your posture and balance.

Despite its lightweight design, the Pune Yoga Chair is durable and easy to use for yogis of all levels.


As the Pune Yoga Chair is lightweight and foldable, it’s a great option for those of us who are a little bit short on space. Once you’re done with your workout, simply collapse it down and slot it away behind your sofa or lean it against the wall for effortless storage and accessibility.

It also works well as a regular spare chair if you’ve got surprise guests showing up!

Why Should You Buy It?

  •  Unique cotton wrap for grip
  • Used in studios around the country
  • Simple design

5. Yoga Auxiliary Foldable Chair with Lumbar Support

Yoga Auxiliary Foldable Chair with Lumbar Support
  • Weight Capacity:
  • Dimensions:
     32.5″ x 14″ x 14″
  • Item Weight:

The Yoga Auxiliary Foldable Chair is a multi-configuration option ideal for yogis of various ability levels, physical levels, and needs. Whether you want to improve your flexibility, work on your backbends, or take the plunge and start working on your inversion, this yoga chair has it all.

With a removable waist stool, the options are limitless, and there is something for everyone when it comes to the Yoga Auxiliary Foldable Chair.


They made the Yoga Auxiliary Foldable Chair out of alloy steel, giving the chair a sturdy but lightweight base from which to work. It also means it’s easy to move around for different poses and postures.

They made the seat surface of eco-friendly cotton and linen. It is wear-resistant, breathable, and antislip. They filled the seat with a high-bounce sponge, which makes it comfortable to use, whether you’re upside down during a yoga session or just have a relax and some time to yourself.


Whereas most yoga chairs and benches rely on the wood or metal frame for the majority of their stability, The Yoga Auxiliary Chair has its 25mm thickened steel legs and highly grippy, eco-friendly cotton and linen blend that keeps you where you need to be during your poses, postures, and asanas.

That’s not to say that the Yoga Auxiliary Foldable Chair frame isn’t stable and strong, with a maximum weight-bearing of 300lbs, and is made of alloy steel; this is a very strong and durable option.


For storing away, the Yoga Auxiliary Foldable Chair folds down to easily fit in cupboards, behind sofas, or against the wall. To make it even more space-saving, you can remove the waist support stool as you can easily adjust it for whatever your workout or relaxation demands.

Why Should You Buy It?

  • Multiple configurations
  • Cotton and linen-blend seat for extra grip
  •  Thickened legs for stability

What is a Yoga Chair?

A yoga chair is a tool that can be used at various levels during your yoga practice and offers support for those of us coming back from injury, those of us struggling with balancing postures, or those of us who want to try more inverted poses.

They come in a variety of types and styles. Some are more suitable for beginners, and others are designed more for advanced inversions. Yoga chairs and benches can help you build strength, flexibility, and confidence throughout your yoga practice.

What are Inverted Poses in Yoga?

Inverted poses are anything where your heart is higher from the floor than your head; this might be your typical upside-down postures such as headstands or handstands, or it might be arm balancing poses such as crow pose.

Inversion poses don’t need to necessarily be complicated or tricky; the downward-facing dog is a great example of an inversion that’s suited for all abilities. However, for many of the inversions that yoga benches utilize, you’ll need a pretty good level of core strength before attempting them.

Benefits of Chair Yoga

Chair yoga, or desk yoga as it’s sometimes known, has a multitude of benefits. Firstly, it’s a highly supportive way of working on mobility and flexibility in a controlled environment. Especially if you’ve recently been injured or suffer from weakness in your legs, using a chair to help strengthen your legs and core is a great way to rebuild your muscles and confidence.

Chair yoga is also great for preventing a sedentary lifestyle. Many of us have office jobs where we have to be seated for long periods of time, so having some stretches and light movements that we can use to break up the day can be hugely beneficial for our overall health.

Using a chair or bench for yoga can also help improve your skills and practice by allowing you to progress to more complex postures and inversions in a safer, more controlled way. Suppose we continue to do the same exercises day in, day out. In that case, our body can plateau – so this kind of progression is massively beneficial for our overall health, strength, and flexibility goals.

Benefits of Inverting On a Yoga Bench

Inversions can be quite scary when doing yoga, especially if you’re working out at home with an online instructor rather than someone there in person. Particularly if you’re looking at full inversions such as headstands, there are many ways it can go wrong, and you can badly injure yourself.

By using a yoga bench to invert, it gently forces your body into the correct position and gives you ample opportunity to slowly get in and out of the pose, rather than just falling out of a headstand or crow pose. The extra support helps build confidence and the core muscles necessary for the majority of these inverted postures.

Buyers Guide for a Yoga Chair


Yoga chairs and yoga benches aren’t for everyone. If you have existing injuries, particularly to your back, consult your doctor or medical professional before continuing to use a yoga chair or bench.

Similarly, if you’re pregnant or currently undergoing physiotherapy, check with your healthcare professional before using a yoga chair, as there may be some adaptations you’re going to need to make before using the bench or chair.

If you’re looking to invert or improve your inversion postures, look more at yoga benches than yoga chairs, as the lack of a chair back makes it much easier to invert. If you’re looking for strength building and support, a yoga chair is going to be much more suitable as it’s got more to hold on to, and you’re less likely to slip off the side or back.

Also, suppose you’re looking for an option that’s easy to store away after your workout. In that case, yoga chairs tend to come in more foldable varieties than the smaller yoga benches do – something to consider if you’re small on practice space.

Materials Used

Throughout this guide, we’ve listed the materials used by the different yoga chairs and yoga benches. The key here is stability. Look for words like reinforced when making your decision – you don’t want to be collapsing in a heap on the floor!

As you’ve probably noticed, two main materials are used for the frame of these yoga chairs and benches: wood and metal. If you’re looking for a folding yoga bench or chair, metal is the way you’re going to have to go. However, if space-saving is not a concern, especially for yoga benches rather than yoga chairs, wood is the more traditional, sustainable, and sturdy option. Honestly, both are perfectly stable for your practice, and a lot of it comes down to practicality and aesthetics.

Also, ensure that there’s a good level of cushioning on your yoga chair, especially if you’re looking for support. You don’t want anything too slippery or thick otherwise, it’ll be difficult to maintain your grip in balancing postures. It’s always good to have a material that’s easy to wipe down and clean after workouts as well.

Safety Features

When looking at yoga chairs and benches, you need to be safe. If you’re looking at collapsible chairs, ensure that there’s some kind of locking mechanism or audible click so that you know it’s fully secure before you use it.

Additionally, non-slip feet or matting is a must. You’re putting a lot of pressure on these benches and chairs, and it’s not always a straight downwards motion, so the last thing you want is your chair or bench and yourself slipping across the floor. It’s a little thing, but the non-slip bottoms are critical.

Some of the yoga benches and yoga chairs on this list have some specialized material or handles that prevent slipping and ensure you’re secure even if you’re starting to work up a bit of a sweat. Check each listing to see what non-slip materials are on offer for the yoga chair or bench-style you want. This is especially important if you’re inverting or planning on doing lots of arm balances.


As with any yoga prop, there are fancy yoga chairs and benches and basic starter versions. Whether you need something more basic or more industrial depends on your ability and how much you’re planning on using it. If you’re going to be teaching yoga, getting a more high-end, durable bench will be a worthwhile investment. If you’re just getting started and want to try out chair yoga, a lower-budget option is going to be completely fine.

The thing is, there are loads of options for multiple price points. Yoga is one of the fastest-growing exercises, and it must be accessible for all. It might be worth you using a dining room chair to start with to see if you enjoy chair yoga before investing in a more purposely made piece of kit.


As we’ve spoken about, quite a few yoga chairs and benches fold down for storage and transportation. This is handy if you’re low on floor space or need to take your yoga chair or bench to a different location for classes or working out with friends.

If you have the floor space and you’re only going to be using your yoga chair or bench in one place, the product’s portability will be less of a concern. That being said, ensure that it’s light enough that you can move it into different positions and make sure that you have enough space around you to get in and out of the postures. It’s all well and good storing it at the side of the room until you’re trying to perform poses too close to the wall!


There are a couple of things to consider when choosing a yoga bench or a yoga chair and whether chair yoga or inversion yoga is the one for you. Firstly, think about your existing floor and mat-based yoga ability.

Is having a prop going to enhance your practice, or would your money be better spent on studio classes with a qualified instructor? This is a big consideration, especially if you’re a beginner because yoga benches and chairs only minimize the risk of inversions. They don’t guarantee good form and safety.

Similarly, if you’re coming out of injury, you’re probably not going to want to go from physiotherapy straight to inversions using a yoga bench and undo all that hard work. Instead, think about getting your basic balance and strength back before moving onwards to inversions.

Of course, if you’re pregnant, have joint issues, or have other health issues, ask your medical professional before investing in any expensive kit. Some may be more suitable than others.


A lot of the yoga chairs and benches listed will need some level of assembly. Carefully read the instructions, as you don’t want any accidents further down the line. The assembly should be pretty straightforward; however, you can always check the website or reviews for advice if you’re unsure.

If you’re buying wooden yoga benches, these tend to come fully assembled as they don’t necessarily have the foldable storage capacity built into them. Some people prefer this as they think they’re more sturdy and don’t trust their own assembly abilities, but remember, if your yoga bench or chair comes fully assembled, the delivery and packing might be more expensive than the flat-pack alternatives.

If it is self-assembly, remember to check the nuts and bolts before you begin each practice in case they loosened up over time. The last thing you want is an accident because you didn’t check something basic.


As with any product, the easiest way to find out what a product is like before buying it is by reading the reviews. Amazon is full of helpful reviews and comments and even shows images of the yoga chairs or benches in the flesh. This way, you can see the sizing, quality of the materials, and ease of use. Always check the reviews!

Another place to check is the Amazon customer questions section. Many of us have the same concerns about the weight-bearing amount, assembly, non-slip materials, and general stability and durability. If you have these questions, the chances are that someone else has already had it too. The answers are a mix between the manufacturer and existing customers, so look and see for yourself.


Many of these products come with a warranty, so if you’re not fully satisfied or if something breaks or is incomplete, you’re covered to send it back and get a new one within the designated time. These warranties range from 30 days up to lifetime guarantees but double-check before you buy because there might be specific instances that the warranty does not cover.

Regardless, warranties are handy if you’re using your yoga chair or bench a lot or if you’re an instructor, as the individual items might not be designed with professional use in mind. However, if you have a warranty, you won’t be out of pocket. It’s always good to have one if the option is there.

Frequently Asked Questions

For Which Students is Chair Yoga Recommended?

Chair yoga is suitable for everyone, but it’s specifically ideal for those coming back from injury or looking to strengthen any weaknesses in their legs and hips. It’s a great starter tool for getting into using yoga props and strengthening your core and back enough to attempt inversions.

Which Yoga Bench is Suitable for Students?

Yoga benches are more suitable for intermediate yogis who want to progress from basic asanas and postures to more advanced inversions and arm balances. There isn’t much to hold on to because of their backless designs. It’s a good idea to start with chair yoga or floor work and progress from there.

 How Often Should You Do Chair Yoga?

Chair yoga, much like regular yoga, can be done daily if you’re fit and able. It doesn’t have to be overly strenuous, nor do the sessions need to be lengthy. Do as much or as little as you can, and as you get stronger, you’ll find yourself able to perform poses for longer periods of time.

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