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The bottom Line

Along Fit has been encouraging good health in women since 2017. They aim to promote fitness, wellness and happiness by offering a wide range of comfortable and stylish yoga apparel without sacrificing practicality. Their prices are reasonable, and their products are available in various sizes, which makes Along Fit an excellent choice for all women across the board. By fusing beautiful designs with functional fabrics, they create sportswear that looks good but is much more than mere fashion pieces.

You can go one step further and pair your favorite sauna pants with a sauna vest or sauna waist trainer for a more well-rounded sweaty experience.

Along Fit Sauna Pants

At a Glance

Material: Neoprene, Polyester, and Nylon

Size: S – 6XL

Closure Type: Elastic

Sauna pants have been around for decades. In the 1970s, they were awkward inflatable rubber suits you’d wear in the same way as bathing costumes. Later on, people would try their DIY, at-home versions in the form of cellophane, elaborately wrapped around their torso or legs. These days, sauna pants have evolved into technologically-augmented clothing, even all-in-one sauna suits, that we can simply don around the house, hit the gym with, or go on a quick grocery run. Regardless of its various stages of development, sauna pants have always had the same aim: to cause increased localized sweating in the wearer to lose weight. Along Fit’s Sauna Pants offer the same outcome but a much more refined way.

Before we get into the wonderful range of Along Fit’s sauna pants, let’s briefly take a look at how exactly sauna pants work so you can best decide which pants suit your needs. Sauna pants lock in your body heat and promote increased sweating. They are typically worn during physical exercise and are commonly used to target the thighs and lower abdomen. The increased sweating helps you shed a small amount of water weight, leading to a slimmer appearance.

About The Brand

Along Fit currently provides three Sauna Pants for you to choose from; depending on your need and where you’d like to target the sweat production, you can select between full-length leggings, Capri leggings, and biker shorts. The biker shorts are perfect if you want to focus primarily on your thighs and lower abdomen. Capris leggings target the knee area, and the full-length pants will give you a complete lower-body sweat fest!

Let’s look at what makes Along Fit’s Sauna Pants so practical, comfortable, and appealing to women.

Along Fit Sauna Pants


The materials used are a SCR and Nylon Polyerster blend.

Unlike most other versions of the modern-day sauna pants, Along Fit’s range is made primarily of two types of material: SCR neoprene and a nylon polyester blend. Surfers and divers will be very familiar with SCR neoprene; it is a synthetic rubbery material that is strong and elastic and responsible for the heat retention of the pants. It has a smooth and comfortable spongy feel to it.

The nylon polyester blend is durable and water-resistant but light-weight and used for rain jackets, windbreakers, or coats. This SCR neoprene and nylon polyester mixture result in a sturdy yet lightweight fabric with excellent heat retention, water resistance, and elasticity. Think wetsuit-meets-yoga pants!

The heat-trapping qualities of these materials effectively promote sweat production while the water-resistant fabric keeps the sweat from escaping or evaporating. What eventually occurs is the sauna effect, created by the heat from your body and the trapped moisture in the pants.

The fit and design are made by women for women.

The features of the pants promote practicality and efficiency without sacrificing style. So you get the most out of your sweat session while simultaneously looking and feeling good. 

Due to the elasticity of the SCR neoprene and nylon polyester blend, the pants fit snugly against your skin and also create a flattering slim appearance. This form-fitting compression fabric wraps around your body firmly but allows you freedom of movement and flexibility due to the four-way stretch design. Its high-waisted design lowers the possibility that the pants will slip down while you’re exercising.

They also cover your lower abdomen, which targets sweat production in this common problem area! A great plus to the high waist is that it kind of functions as a bodysuit, too, creating an appealing shape no matter your body type. You won’t feel self-conscious about an untoned stomach or tush while wearing these pants!

Another great feature that makes women around the world rejoice is the addition of pockets! Along Fit’s Sauna Pants is designed with two well-placed pockets on the outside of the upper thighs. These pockets are big enough to hold a cellphone, keys, your gym card or parking ticket, or maybe some change; someone has finally heard our pleas! Due to the snug fit of the pants, the pockets also hug your sides tightly, so you don’t have to worry too much that your belongings will fall out (as long as you don’t do hand-stands or flips!).

Finally, it’s also nice to know that even though the pants lock in heat and moisture, the crotch area has a two-layered mesh design to help keep you dry and cool where you don’t want to sweat excessively. This finer attention to women’s wants and needs makes Along Fit products stand out.

Along Fit offers a wide range of sizes.

Another way Along Fit supports women in this challenge is their wide range of sizes. Their full-length pants and biker shorts are available in six sizes, ranging from S to XXXL, while their capri pants are available in an impressive ten-size range, reaching up to 6XL! They provide a helpful size chart with a measurement guide to help you find the product that fits you best.

Follow the size chart and resist the urge to order one size up because the fabric will fold and feel uncomfortable if it’s too big, or you might struggle to wiggle into it if the size is too small. If you’re unhappy with the fit of the pants you’ve ordered, make use of the shop’s return option to exchange them for a different, more suitable size.

These yoga pants can be worn for an array of activities.

There are multiple ways you can use Along Fit’s sauna pants. The company focuses mainly on yoga wear, so the pants are great for most kinds of yoga. Their elasticity and durability will satisfy even the hardiest of yogis. They are also suitable for other activities, such as pilates, boxing, running, and weight training.

But the truly amazing thing about these pants is that you don’t even have to be active for them to work. Simply wearing them around the house or while you’re on a quick grocery run will also make you work up a sweat. Since the trick is in the material and the compression design, these pants will do the work for you even when you’re at your laziest. 

But will these pants make you lose weight? Yes and no. Sauna pants make you sweat and, therefore, you will lose some small amounts of water weight. But this is temporary since you’ll more than likely make up for that slight weight loss by drinking water shortly after your workout. Some believe that excessive sweating burns more calories and results in weight loss, but there is no scientific support for these claims.

So these pants might not be your express ticket to smaller dress sizes, but they might give you a slight (temporary) slimmer look. One thing is for sure, though: they will make you sweat!

Note on Safety

If used for prolonged durations, these pants can lead to dehydration and heat-related illnesses. Even though you might want to push yourself to your limits to reach your weight loss goal, misusing these pants could be detrimental to your overall health, so your sauna pants wisely.

Along Fit recommends that you follow certain safety precautions: with your first initial use, wear it only for 20 minutes to see if you have any adverse reactions; then, for all following uses, wear it for up to three hours only, and no more

Avoid using it during high-heat activities, such as hot yoga or running outside in 90-degree weather. Always replenish some of the water you lost after wearing your pants to avoid dehydration.

Things We Liked

The design

They are budget-friendly, size-inclusive, stylish, and comfortable. The line design on the capris and biker shorts are fashionable and create a flattering outline, which further boosts your confidence while wearing them. The reflective strips on the full-length pants are also an added safety feature for those of you who like running at night. And, it has pockets.

Material durability

Since the material is sturdy and stretchy, it doesn’t feel like it will easily rip or get damaged in the wash. You can be confident that your pair of Sauna Pants will last much longer than the conventional gym leggings. They will meet your expectations in terms of durability.

Value For Money

Furthermore, these pants simply do what they are designed to do. You don’t even have to exercise to break a sweat. And the effects are highly noticeable; you can see the amount of water you’re sweating out, even after a short exercise or simply from wearing them. It’s undeniable that the sweat action in these pants is real.

Things We Didn’t Like

The fabric has a bit peculiar feeling, especially if you’re not used to neoprene clothing. It’s relatively thicker and stiffer than your average yoga pants or leggings, even though the pants do have a stretch to them.

They tend to create a few air pockets close to the crotch area which can become somewhat irritating, especially when you’re wearing them during a workout. You have the constant feeling of wanting to fill up your pants, which is a bit distracting.

We aren’t sure if this is due to the pants maybe being a tad too big, or the generated and captured body heat creating air bubbles. Personally, we prefer something with a bit more skin-tight fit.

Comparison Table

If you want to see how the Along Fit Sauna Pants compares to similar products, take a look at how it stacks up to the Training Girl Sauna Pants, another close contender.

Along Fit Sauna Pants Training Girl Sauna Pants
Material: Neoprene, Nylon, and Polyester Material: Neoprene and Polyester
Closure Type: Elastic closureClosure Type: Zipper closer
High Waisted Design: YesHigh Waisted Design: Yes
Side Pockets: Yes, no zippersSide Pockets: Yes, with zippers
Light Reflectors: NoLight Reflectors: No
Breathable Fabric: YesBreathable Fabric: Yes
Size: S – 6XL Size: S – 3XL


A pair of sauna pants are an excellent addition to any woman’s wardrobe and Along Fit’s Sauna Pants is a great option. They have been designed with a unique blend of materials that enable you to efficiently work up a sweat, comfortably focus on your fitness, and look like the confident and healthy woman that we all hope to become. 

But if there’s one final impression to leave you with, it’s this: these are not the pants for you if you’re hoping to shave off an inch or two around your waist quickly. Instead, these pants will offer you gradual support on your quest to discover a fitter and healthier you. 

So try a pair, embrace the sweatiness, and see where your fitness journey takes you.

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