Why Should I Buy an Ironman Inversion Table?


Once you’re ready to start practicing inversion therapy at home, choosing an inversion table becomes a pretty daunting task. There are many brands out there, some costing up to $1,000 and some costing less than $100. And you’re probably thinking, don’t they all do the same thing? Well, at it’s most basic level, yes, any inversion table should be able to secure your ankles and tilt on a pivot to invert you with your feet over your head. So what’s the difference between them all?

Well, often times, the more you pay the more you get out of comfort, durability and convenience. While even a basic inversion table can help reduce back pain, you may not be as comfortable upside-down as if you invest in something you’ve researched and know you can rely on. Let’s take a look at what Ironman inversion tables have to offer and decide whether this is a brand we can trust to safely hold us upside-down.

The Brand

Ironman is a well-known name in the fitness world, part of the World Triathlon Corporation, which coordinates large-scale international endurance events. And now the Ironman name has been trusted to Paradigm Health and Wellness, Inc, a California-based fitness company that focuses on holistic well being.

The company employs a strong research and development team to design unique equipment that focuses on long-term durability and long-term results, with convenience, comfort and holistic healing in mind. All designs are quality-tested and certified for safety before reaching the market. The inversion tables are made in China. But Paradigm is a reputable company that demonstrates a focus on both safety and quality. They also have a helpful customer service team.


A great thing about Ironman inversion tables is the diversity of their products – you’ll find both basic tables at a lower price and more advanced models with special features like infrared heat therapy. There’s something for everyone within this name brand. With any Ironman, you’ll notice that the balance of the machine is accurate and the smooth tilting movement allows for easy control by simply raising or lowering your arms. All models come with a thick safety tether that can be adjusted to three different starting inversion angles.

Ironman inversion tables excel at stability – many models can support up to 350 lbs, which is a higher weight capacity than most other brands. You’ll always find substantial rubber feet for a good grip and no slip, plus the metal frames are coated in a scratch-resistant finish. Most models also fold for storage, so you can free up some space in your home when you need it.

Ankle-lock system

The Ironman brand features a few different ankle support systems, all of which are very secure, ergonomically shaped and reliable. Paradigm Ltd values research and development and takes pride in the patented designs they incorporate into their tables. One of their praised features is the Easy Reach “Palm Activated” ratchet ankle locking system. That’s a mouthful, but it means that many of their tables feature an elongated handle for ankle adjustment, so you don’t have to bend or tinker too much to get your ankles secure. This gets you situated fast and painlessly, so you can start inverting right away without irritating an achy back.


Basic models like the Ironman Gravity 1000 boast smooth movement and sturdy structure for a lower price. As you increase to higher-priced models like the Gravity 4000, you’ll find additions such as a memory foam backrest and the convenient ankle ratchet system. Moving on up the line, different models incorporate special additions like headrests, handles for inverted stretches and a 10-level smart gear locking system for even more accurate control of your inversion angle. The Ironman IFT1000 even adds an infrared heating system to the backrest, to further sooth and relax tight back muscles. It sounds like a lot of options, but that’s a good thing! The beauty of Ironman is that you can get a quality brand inversion table no matter your budget. Even the basic models adhere to Ironman quality. You should be able to find just the table that suits you!

Why Ironman?

What makes the Ironman inversion tables stand out over other brands is their focus on two areas: comfort and convenience.


  • All ankle supports are strenuously tested and ergonomically shaped – while the more basic models may not have quite the luxurious comfort, you’re still going to notice a difference over other tables at comparable price points.
  • Many models feature cushioned backrests and pillows made from memory foam. You’ll even find some detachable lumbar support pillows, and padded handles thrown in the mix.
  • Peace of mind – get more comfortable once you’re confident that you’re safe. The Ironman brand tests its designs for stability and durability, so you don’t have to worry about wobble or dropping.


  • Thoughtful features reflect Ironman’s attention to detail and consideration of user feedback such as:
  • The Easy reach, palm activated ankle locks offer a convenient way to lock-in without any hassle.
  • Conveniently placed handles offer both safety and helpful support for stretches and back strengthening.
  • Foldable models allow for storage, so your inversion table isn’t the centerpiece of the house party.

Pros and Cons

Overall, Ironman inversion tables are a consistently effective brand name that offer comfort, usability and advanced features at a range of different prices. Ironman offers a way for individuals with a smaller budget to still own a recognized name brand, and the basic tables still offer convenience and customer support from the big name. Other leading brands, like Teeter, start at a much higher price.

Just pay attention to which model you’re ordering – the Ironman variety is great but you don’t get all of their patented technology in every model. If you’re looking for the palm-activated ankle ratchet, you might want to look higher than the most basic models. But overall, Ironman inversion tables will set you back much less than the pricier Teeters, and you won’t be sacrificing quality with your penny-saving choice.

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