Body Champ IT8070 Inversion Therapy Table Review


Who’s ready for some spinal decompression in the comfort of your own home? I sure am. It’s time to get serious about consistent inversion therapy and give my back and spine some love. But buying an inversion table is no easy feat – I’m noticing that tables come in a range of prices and brand names.  Let’s take a look at the Body Champ IT8070 Inversion Therapy Table – I’m drawn in by the price tag and that squishy-looking foam cushion!

Body Champ IT807 In Action:

When I’m shopping for my inversion table, I know I want something that’s right for my size and weight, something that’s reliable and sturdy and something that can reach all the angles necessary for my inversion practice. Check all those off, and I know the table can do what I need it to do. But even more than that, my inversion therapy is a positive experience that’s about relaxation and making my body feel good. So the first question I’m going to ask about the Body Champ IT8070 is:

Is it comfortable?

You’re going to be hanging upside-down for goodness sake, so let’s make sure this Body Champ IT8070 Inversion Therapy Table is worthy of supporting its precious cargo!

Body Champ IT8070 Inversion Therapy Table

Since the purpose of regular inversion therapy is to relax muscles, reduce stress and alleviate pain, comfort is an important consideration. The Body Champ features a high density foam cushion for your back and four foam rollers around your ankles. Plus, the ankle straps are adjustable with a simple pull-pin device. You should take time to properly adjust these straps, since some users find the ankle straps on the Body Champ IT8070 not quite as comfortable as other higher end models. This may be a result of the lower price range for this inversion table. If this is an issue that concerns you, you can wear thick socks or add in some of your own padding for added cushion.

Is it safe?

So what about our peace of mind? Are we going to feel safe going upside-down in this thing? We’ll need to feel mentally comfortable in order to relax and accomplish our inversion exercises. Well, the Body Champ IT8070 provides a safety strap to keeps your from inverted further than you want to go, and a safety lock stops you from tipping out of your chosen inversion angle. This isn’t a roller coaster and all movements are controlled by you – lift one arm up to lay horizontal and two arms up to completely invert. This model may not rotate as smooth as higher end tables, but taking the time to adjust to the right height setting makes all the difference.

Best of all, if you’re somewhat new to inversion therapy, this model features U-shaped hand rails that you can grab at any time to pull yourself back to an upright position. It can still take some practice and some knee-bending to get the hang of getting out of the inversion angle, but the handles are always there for a sturdy spot to grab.

 Where am I going to put this thing?

Maybe you don’t want you’re new inversion table to be the centerpiece of the living room. Fair enough. The Body Champ IT8070 folds up to 13” x 29” x 75” for storage. Even folded, this inversion table is still somewhat bulky, so you’ll need to designate a decent bit of closet space for storage. Just don’t be prepared to effortless portability – while the Body Champ weighs less than most other tables, at 46 lbs, you could still do a number on your back lugging that around the room every day.

The Body Champ IT8070 is a relatively slimmer inversion table than other models, which means it takes up less space but does sacrifice some sturdiness. Fully assembled, this inversion table is 56” x 30” x 58”, and like any inversion table you’ll need some room to set it up and allow for a full rotation of inversion angles.

Am I too tall or too heavy?

It’s important to make sure your inversion therapy table is the right size for you. The Body Champ IT8070 claims that it supports anyone from 4’7” to 6’8”. In actuality, taller users might find they would like a larger design, and I wouldn’t recommend anyone around 6’4” or taller to use this table. The adjustable pull pins and range of height accommodation is handy when the table is used by more than one person, but some wear and tear may occur on the height chart marker if it is adjusted often. The Body Champ IT8070 is a relatively lighter-weight model than other inversion tables, but users up to 250lbs shouldn’t worry about it collapsing on them. While it’s great for a smaller-framed person, this table might not be recommended for anyone who’s big and tall.

So should I buy The Body Champ IT8070?

Overall this is a standard inversion table that offers all the health benefits that consistent inversion therapy promotes. Mostly everyone who’s used The Body Champ IT8070 for inversion notices results similar to using any other inversion table. The price tag is great for those on a budget, but the lower price does mean this table is less sturdy than others, especially for taller or heavier individuals. Plus, the ankle straps add a lot of pressure to the top of the foot and often require additional cushions or shoes.

Body Champ IT8070 Pros:

  • Affordable price
  • Simple design / safety bars for beginners
  • Foldable for storage
  • Adjustable height

Body Champ IT8070 Cons:

  • Some discomfort with ankle straps – may require modification
  • Initial assembly can be difficult; requires outside tools
  • Less sturdy for people in the higher height and weight range

Overall, this inversion table does what it’s meant to do, it’s not going to drop you on your head, and it offers inversion therapy at a lower price than most other tables.

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