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Are you looking for a knee massager to help you treat arthritis, pain, or inflammation? Did you know that arthritis is among the most frequent diseases affecting the elderly?

Arthritis may cause swelling and discomfort throughout your body, with the knees being the most commonly impacted. Luckily, knee massagers may help to provide some relief. 

Alternatively, if you don’t just want to focus solely on your knee area but you’re looking for something to cover your entire leg all at once, then a full leg massager would be a better consideration. 

Our Top Pick

Comfier Knee Massager 

The Comfier Knee Massager uses heat to alleviate stiffness and discomfort caused by meniscus tears, bursitis, and leg cramps, among other things. 

Our Winners:

Comfier Knee Massager – The Best Knee Massager Overall

PKSTONE Heated Knee Brace Wrap – The Best Budget Option

Quinear Knee Massager – Best Compression Knee Massager

What Is a Knee Massager?

A knee massager may be beneficial if you are experiencing pain, stiffness, or edema in your knees. Whether your problems are due to osteoarthritis or another condition affecting your joints, there is evidence that this therapy is beneficial. Read more about the benefits of using a knee massager.

While physical therapy or pain medication is often the most suggested treatment, a knee massage might be an additional choice that can improve your day-to-day function and mobility, as well as short-term pain relief.

Knee massagers utilize heat and vibrational massage to reduce joint swelling and discomfort. Seniors often use these devices to treat osteoarthritis to relieve stiffness and pain.

However, if your medical practitioner allows, knee massagers may also treat pain from any other injury.

Note on Safety

People receiving medical treatment or recovery should consult their medical practitioner before using the products.

the best Knee massagers

When reviewing these products, we looked at the different types of massage, heating levels, power sources, and the material used to create these knee massagers.

1. Comfier Knee Massager 

Comfier Knee Massager

Massage Type: Vibration

Heating Levels: 2

Material: Velvet

This knee massager with heat alleviates stiffness and discomfort caused by meniscus tears, bursitis, and leg cramps, among other things, and includes an automated shut-off feature for added safety. 

This knee massager is regarded as the best on our list due to its high-quality, luxurious material, a wide range of vibrational settings, and adjustability features. It also has an auto shut-off feature, which firmly checks the safety box. Lastly, the Comfier knee massager is uncomplicated and very user-friendly, which is also a plus.

Massage Type

Combining heat with five changeable vibration massage modes ensures relaxation and pain alleviation throughout your legs and knees.

The adjustable velcro straps keep the knee massager in place. Massage heating pads are wrapped around and fastened to the knees or extended to the thighs, calves, arms, and legs. As required, you may apply either one or two support brace wraps.

Heating Levels

The knee massager includes built-in heat pads with two changeable heat settings that work well to ease tight joints and tired muscles while improving blood circulation. In addition, the heating pads’ auto-shut-off mechanism ensures added safety. No need to worry about overheating or heat injuries; sit back and enjoy the massage.

Power Source

This knee massager requires an electric cord. It is not battery-operated. Additionally, you can take your knee massager to work or on holiday, plug it into a power outlet (12V Home Adapter – Included)


The soft and smooth velvet materials used in this knee and leg massager allow you to enjoy the massage without irritation or allergies. 

Why Should I Buy The Comfier Knee Massager?

  • Five changeable massage modes.
  • It can be used on calves, thighs, arms, and shoulders.
  • Made from luxurious velvet.

2. PKSTONE Heated Knee Brace Wrap

PKSTONE Heated Knee Brace Wrap

Massage Type: Vibration

Heating Levels: 3

Material: Styrene Butadiene

The PKSTONE knee massager has three heat settings and three vibration settings. An AC charger adaptor is used to power it, so you must be close to a power outlet.

The PKSTONE has made it on our list as the best budget option. It’s perfect for those that don’t suffer from knee pain regularly and would like something affordable to relieve the occasional strained muscle or joint stiffness at an affordable price.  

Massage Type

The PKSTONE knee massager helps to relieve knee discomfort while ensuring the relaxation of the muscles. This massager is extremely simple for those who prefer simple and user-friendly devices. Just long-press the button to turn it on or off, then choose from one of three massage modes. You may manage the massages modes and heating levels separately or enjoy both functionalities simultaneously. 

Heating Levels

The PKSTONE knee massager features three heating levels to help with arthritic knee pain and injury rehabilitation. The heating feature improves circulation and relieves muscular aches and cramps. Additionally, it also assists in the reduction of joint pain, muscular stiffness, and edema.

Power Source

This knee brace has an AC Charger (Included) that must be plugged into a power outlet. It’s ideal to use at home when watching TV or reading a book on the couch. Alternatively, you can use it if you have a desk job where you sit down to enjoy the massage benefits. 


Made from high-quality neoprene material, this knee massager is comfortable to wear, sits softly against the skin, and retains its heat very well.

This knee massager by PKSTONE also has a handy pocket to place the AC Charger after use for safekeeping.

Why Should I Buy The PKSTONE Heated Knee Brace Wrap?

  • The PKSTONE knee massager delivers three heating ranges along with three vibration levels.
  • Retains heat very well due to the high-quality neoprene material used.
  • Powered by an AC Charger, with is included.

3. CUEHEAT Heated Knee Massager 

CUEHEAT Heated Knee Massager 

Massage Type:  Infrared

Heating Levels: 113°F to 149°F

Material: Neoprene

Using a heating pad and infrared massage, this massager may help to relieve muscle tension. It is also more portable since it uses rechargeable batteries, so you are not limited to the position of a power socket.

Massage Type

The CUEHEAT is an infrared knee massager with a built-in motor that targets the thigh and calf area. In addition, the massager may help to alleviate leg discomfort, stiff meniscus, and arthritis.

Heating Levels

The heated knee pads are sturdy and will not warp even after repeated folding and stretching. This knee massager heats up to temperatures of 113°F to 149°F. In addition, it has a built-in heat protection mode and an automated power-off function. Therefore, you can enjoy a massage without the concern of overheating. 

Power Source

A 7.4v 3200mAh lipo battery powers the device and can last up to 4-6 hours. To prevent safety issues, use a low-voltage adaptor. 

In contrast to a 110V generator, which may pose a short circuit risk, this knee massager comes with a US standard charger, and the batteries are stored in a 3-dimensional battery pouch. 


The CUEHEAT knee massager is made from neoprene material. The fabric is soft and shouldn’t cause any irritation to the skin.

Why Should I Buy The CUEHEAT Heated Knee Massager?

  • Ability to regulate temperature better, heated to between 116°F and 149°F.
  • It is powered by a 7.4v 3200mAh lipo battery and Charger, which is included.
  • CUEHEAT also guarantees a 30-day refund policy.

4. Chanmeen Knee Massager

Chanmeen Knee Massager

Massage Type:  Vibrating

Heating Levels: 3

Material: Neoprene

Another great knee massager is from Chanmeen. As knee massagers go, it’s a good investment for those suffering from arthritis and knee injury-related ailments. Additionally, this knee massager includes a USB port to be powered. 

Massage Type

The Chanmeen massager has two built-in massaging motors. It is the perfect combination of vibration and massage. In addition, this knee massager is easy to use due to its vibration color system. The red light is the strongest vibration mode, the blue light is medium, and the green light is the weakest.

A reinforced stabilizer keeps the massager’s kneecap in place. The heating pad is wrapped around the knee and can be extended to cover the calves and thighs. 

Heating Levels

This knee massager has one control with three different heating levels. You don’t have to struggle to find the various buttons for all the functions as they are all located in one place. 

Power Source

You must connect to a power source (power bank not included), push the power button on the knee brace for 3 to 5 seconds to turn it on, and then press the button again to change the temperature from low to high. You will not receive a power bank to power this massager. One must be bought additionally. 


This comfortable neoprene brace is simple to wrap around your knee. 

Why Should I Buy The Chanmeen Knee Massager?

  • Two built-in massaging motors for a perfect combination of vibration and massage.
  • Simplistic and user-friendly design; one control with three different heating levels.
  • Powered through USB port.

5. HOOCUCO Heated Knee Massager

HOOCUCO Heated Knee Massager

Massage Type:  Vibrating

Heating Levels: 113°F up to 140°F

Material: Neoprene

The HOOCUCO is a reusable cold and hot therapy knee brace for joint pain and injuries. It helps treat bursitis, arthritis, knee pain, meniscus tears, sprains, and swelling and comes in a pair. The ice pack is not included.

Massage Type

The brace is comfortable and easy to wear. It has an adjustable strap allows it to fit various sizes, from small to large, while still allowing mobility.

It offers three vibration modes with two buttons to control the massage and heat modes. Heating and vibration massage modes may also be used in tandem or independently.

Heating Levels

Temperatures can be adjusted from 113°F up to 140°F for this knee massager. Along with temperature adjustments, you can also switch between three heating intensities.

The power button has an LED indicator to specify the highest (red), medium (blue), or lowest (green) temperature. A single short touch of the button may alter the heating setting. 

Should the knee massager overheat, the built-in thermal protection module will stop all heating functions until the temperature is safe. This helps ensure you receive a safe and enjoyable massage with no safety concerns. 

To switch on the HOOCUCO knee massager, press the power button on the knee brace for 3 to 5 seconds. Press the button again to alternate between the different temperature settings.

Power Source

The HOOCUCO knee massager has an 8.4V 2600mAh battery bank that provides consistent power. It can operate on a full charge for up to 2-3 hours when utilizing both features.


This massager is made from durable and soft neoprene material. 

Why Should I Buy The HOOCUCO Heated Knee Massager?

  • Temperatures can be adjusted from 113°F up to 140°F
  • Built-in thermal protection module to stop knee massager from overheating.
  • An 8.4V 2600mAh battery bank operates for 2-3 hours on a full charge.

6. Quinear Compression Knee Massager

Quinear Compression Knee Massager

Massage Type:  Air Compression

Heating Levels: 2

Material: Cotton

The Quinear compression knee massager is ideal for arthritis pain relief, joint pain, cramps, and circulation problems. 

This knee massager from Quinear has made it onto our list as the best option if you’re looking for a compression knee massager. You can choose between three air compression intensities as the two airbags inflate and deflate in a strong yet comfortable sensation.

Massage Type

The Quinear knee massager has 2×2 airbags that you can inflate and deflate, mimicking a kneading sensation. This is perfect for helping to relax the knee and the surrounding calf and thigh muscles. 

This results in a reduction of joint pain and muscle stiffness. The heating element will further relieve muscle soreness, help with better circulation, reduce joint swelling, and stimulate recovery. 

Heating Levels

This knee massager makes use of a combination of air compression and heating. The two heating levels can be combined with different massage options, providing a personalized massage experience that relieves varying degrees of pain.

An additional safety feature includes a 20-minute auto shut-off feature, so there is no need to worry about switching it off, avoiding overheating or over-massaging, and making it safe to use.

Power Source

This knee massager comes with an electric cord that requires a connection to a power outlet. 


The Quinear compression knee massager is ergonomically designed for the wearer’s comfort. The adjustable wrap will fit most people and has separated long straps for the upper calf and lower thigh. The velcro straps allow you to adjust the knee wrap’s size and keep it securely in place during the massage.

Why Should I Buy The Quinear Compression Knee Massager?

  • The two heating levels can be combined with different massage options.
  • A lightweight knee massager, it weighs just 2.7 lbs.
  • This knee massager has 2×2 airbags that inflate and deflate, mimicking a kneading sensation.

7. Healpark Heated Knee Brace Wrap

Healpark Heated Knee Brace Wrap

Massage Type:  Vibration

Heating Levels: 2

Material: Carbon fiber with velcro straps

This knee massager from Healpark is made from carbon fiber, providing a high-quality product. It is securely wrapped around the knees and fitted with solid velcro straps, after which the heating and vibration technology penetrates the knee area, relieving muscle soreness and stiffness. It can alternatively also be used to massage your elbows. 

Massage Type

The Healpark knee wrap has three different massage intensities. You’ll find it here whether you’re looking for deep pressure or something light. It’s incredibly user-friendly; long-press the vibration button for 2 seconds to turn it on or off. Likewise, if you short-press the button one time, you can change the vibration mode. However, please note that the vibrating massage is audible, so it’s probably best not to use it in an environment where silence is preferable. 

The power button has a LED indicator with different vibrations for each color. 

  • Red – High-frequency vibration,
  • Blue – Medium frequency vibration,
  • Green – Low-frequency vibration.

Heating Levels

The carbon fiber heating technology used for the Healpark knee massager focuses on the tissue just below the skin and promotes blood circulation. This heated knee pad can also help alleviate joint pain, muscle stiffness, joint swelling, knee injuries, arthritis, elbow pain, rheumatism, meniscus tear, tendonitis, and sprains.

This heating pad is simple to use. To activate it, long-press the button for 2 seconds to switch it on or off. To change the temperature mode, short-press the button once.

Power Source

Healpark has provided you with a knee massager that is cordless and rechargeable. This is always a helpful feature for anyone who suffers from chronic knee pain and would like to use it anytime without worrying about available power outlets. A 7.4V 3000mAh rechargeable lipo battery powers these knee wraps. Take note that this knee massager heats up very quickly!


Ergonomically designed, the flexible fabric and velcro straps easily adjust to a tight or loose fit. The knee wrap matches the curvature of your knee, shoulder, and elbow joints, so it is multi-functional in its design and purpose.

Why Should I Buy The Healpark Heated Knee Brace Wrap?

  • A 7.4V 3000mAh rechargeable lipo battery (included) powers these knee wraps.
  • Quick heating and multi-functional design.
  • Adjustable velcro straps ensure that the sizing isn’t limited.

8. PTsolo Knee Massager

PTsolo Knee Massager

Massage Type:  Vibration

Heating Levels: Up to 131°F

Material: Soft and silky fabric materials

The combination of heat and vibration massage from the PTsolo knee massager is a wonderful way to relieve muscle scraps, soreness, and fatigue. 

Massage Type

The PTsolo knee massager with heat makes use of soothing vibration massage. The main focus is on accelerating blood circulation and pain relief comfortably. You can use the heating and massage settings independently. 

Heating Levels

The temperature is set to max out at 131°F after 10 minutes. With overheating protection design, you may choose a 5-minute, 10-minute, or 15-minute auto-off timer. This is a handy feature to avoid possible burns or injuries. 

Power Source

The PTsolo knee massager includes a 2000mAh rechargeable lithium battery lasting more than 2 hours. However, please take note that you should not use the knee wrap massager for your safety while it is charging.


Adjustable velcro straps are used to secure the knee massager around the knees. Alternatively, you can also use it to target your thighs, calves, arms, and shoulders.

PTsolo uses soft and silky materials for their knee massagers. This helps when the massager is in contact with your skin, creating a gentle and soothing sensation to the skin.

Fusing the natural absorption and renewal benefits of bamboo charcoal and jade stone with heat and vibration, this massager improves circulation and alleviates pain and discomfort.

Why Should I Buy The PTsolo Knee Massager?

  • It has an overheating protective design.
  • It is a multi-functional design; use it on your knees, calves, thighs, arms, and shoulders.
  • Portability is another benefit as it is battery-operated and comes with a rechargeable battery.

Benefits of Using a Knee Massager

Many seek alternative therapies, such as knee massagers, to alleviate knee pain or aid recovery. Knee massagers have been endorsed by many to be a valuable tool in improving arthritic joint pains and knee injuries, including offering other health benefits such as: 

  • Increasing the flow of blood to the joint
  • Increasing the area’s circulation
  • Taking steps to reduce edema
  • Introducing novel joint fluid
  • Getting rid of general aches, pains, and stiffness
  • Massage may also enhance the tone and flexibility of the muscles that support and stabilize the afflicted knee.

Additionally, knee massagers can alleviate the discomfort stemming from various diseases. However, it does not cure any conditions; instead, it is used as part of the treatment process by increasing circulation and alleviating inflammation, pain, and discomfort. 

A few conditions that may benefit from knee massage treatment are:


The protective cartilage surrounding the joints gradually erodes, destroying the joints’ natural protective barrier. Osteoarthritis pain is commonly experienced in the knees, hands, hips, and spine, among other places.


Bursae are tiny, fluid-filled sacs in the joints that cushion the surrounding muscles, tendons, and bones. When these sacs become inflamed, the joints become swollen, stiff, and sometimes painful to the touch.


Tendons are the connective tissue that connects muscle to bone. Tendonitis occurs when the tendons are overextended or overworked, characterized by swelling and irritation in the affected area.

Patellar Tracking Disorder

A condition where the patella slips out of position while the knee is bent, causing pain and discomfort. The patella will migrate to the outside of the leg but may also shift to the inside in certain circumstances.

Before Purchasing A Knee Massager: Buyers Guide

If you want to buy a knee massager but feel overwhelmed looking through all the different types, this short buyer’s guide will highlight some key elements to consider when choosing a knee massager.

1. Massage Type

The type of massage offered is undoubtedly one of the first things to consider. The actual vibrating type of massagers can differ, as well as their intensities. Can you choose between a deep massage or a pulsing massage sensation? Can you set the intensity level from soft to hard? Or would you prefer a compression knee massager instead of a vibrating massager?

Options such as these may help alleviate chronic arthritic symptoms or relieve the feeling of stiff muscles.

2. Heat Levels

Are you looking for a knee massager with heating functions? Some massagers offer the choice between combining heat and vibration, while others provide these features separately. 

Additionally, how many heat levels would you expect your massager to have? Many knee massagers can adjust to different temperatures, while some only have a standard heating level.

3. Power Cord Or Battery-Operated

Mobility. A portable, rechargeable battery-operated massager is convenient if you want to take your massager on trips or to remote locations where a power outlet will be hard to find. 

However, if you plan on only using your knee massager in the comfort of your home, then a wired option might be preferable. 

4. Knee Massager Customization

The best knee massager will let you choose from various intensities and massage settings. It will also allow you to adjust the size to fit comfortably.

Do you want a knee massager primarily designed to focus on the knees, or would you like a knee massager to be used on other body parts, such as the shoulders and elbows? 

If you want to invest in something that will give you options on comfort and wearability, then customization is something to consider.

5. Automatic Power-Off Function

A knee massager with safety features is always a better choice. 

When looking for a massager, consider one that shuts off automatically. This is a valuable feature and will prevent possible burns or overheating issues.  

Some massagers also have an additional function to set timers on how long the massages should be. After which it times out or switches off. Similarly, you may want to look for a knee massager that shuts off automatically when it reaches a specific temperature and switches back on as soon as it cools.

6. Budget

Aah, the price. This probably plays one of the most significant roles when buying any product. First, consider your budget and the functions you need. Overall most knee massagers are pretty affordable, and there is no use in spending more on a knee massager with a bunch of functions that you’re not going to use.

7. Size

Knee massagers should be adjustable. Very few aren’t. However, looking at the sizing will serve you well to ensure it fits you correctly. If it’s too loose, you will not receive the proper heat or massage benefits. If it’s too tight, it may cause circulation issues, burns, or discomfort during the actual massaging.

8. Material

To tie in with the sizing, consider the materials used and the quality thereof. Some materials may feel uncomfortable against your skin or contain elements of something that might cause an allergic reaction.

Frequently Asked Questions for knee massagers

Is It Safe to Use Knee Massagers?

That is a valid question. Knee massagers are safe to use when used in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations. However, before using your massager, familiarize yourself with the instructions. Negligence on your side might result in significant harm or accidents. 

It’s also recommended to consult your healthcare provider before using one of these devices, especially if you are recovering from a serious knee injury or chronic condition. 

Other safety precautions you should take into consideration:

  • Unless otherwise advised by your doctor, always adhere to the time guidelines specified.
  • Beware of any loose, dangling cables.
  • If there is a danger that you may fall asleep while using the device, always activate the auto shut-off feature.
  • Start with lower degrees for heat pad massagers and work your way up as you assess the strength of the heat.

How Often Should I Use a Knee Massager?

This is determined mainly by the severity of your disease or your physician’s rehabilitation program. 

Generally, you can use a knee massager once a day if you don’t have a serious condition and would like to relieve stiff joints and muscles. 

If you are recovering from surgery or a serious injury, obtaining a professional medical practitioner’s opinion is best to prevent further damage or aggravate the injury. The same goes for chronic knee pain sufferers.

Is Massage Beneficial for Knee Osteoarthritis?

If you suffer from osteoarthritis, regular leg massages should be beneficial in providing short-term pain relief and improving muscle function.

What are the pros of knee massagers?

  • Massaging is known to reduce stress and anxiety levels by releasing dopamine and serotonin and decreasing cortisol levels. 
  • Knee massagers are beneficial in reducing pain and increasing your range of motion.
  • Symptoms of osteoarthritis can also be reduced through regular use.
  • Knee massagers may aid recovery from injury or surgery.
  • Swelling can also be decreased by improving circulation.
  • It alleviates muscular tightness
  • Assists in edema reduction
  • Extends the range of motion

What are the cons of knee massagers?

  • If you suffer from hypertension or severely inflamed joints, regular use of knee massagers may be harmful. 
  • Some knee massagers may use too much pressure, worsening the pain you’re trying to relieve.
Comfier Knee Massager
Our Top Pick

Comfier Knee Massager

The Comfier Knee Massager uses heat to alleviate stiffness and discomfort caused by meniscus tears, bursitis, and leg cramps, among other things.

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