Emer Deluxe Padded Foldable Gravity Inversion Table Review


So, I’m looking to purchase an inversion therapy table for my home, but I’m noticing there is a lot to consider. The selection is huge, and the price range is… well, it’s huge too! I want to jump right into my therapy and start inverting daily for consistent spinal decompression, so how do I know which table is right for me?

At the basic level, all inversion tables essentially perform the same function – they strap you in by your ankles and allow you to tilt backward until your feet are above your head. The Emer Deluxe Padded Foldable Gravity Inversion Table comes in at a great price on the inversion table cost spectrum, so let’s take a closer look. I’m going to be analyzing all the crucial aspects of an inversion therapy table, from the backrest to the ankle supports. But first and most importantly, I’m going to make sure the Emer Deluxe is structurally safe.


With the Emer Deluxe Padded Foldable Gravity Inversion Table, you don’t need to worry about price over quality – this remarkably affordable table doesn’t sacrifice stability. Users up to 300 lbs will feel secure and stable while inverting on this sturdy table. The tubular steel frame supports you while you flip upside-down, and the height of the table can easily be adjusted for individuals 4’ up to 6’6”- that’s quite a range!

Emer Deluxe Padded Foldable Gravity Inversion Table

Other standard safety features include padded U-shaped bars to help you easily return to an upright position, and an adjustable safety tether to keep you from inverting further than you want to go. When the price is this low, especially for a contraption that’s going to tilt you upside-down, it’s reassuring to know that the Emer Deluxe doesn’t skip the essentials in stability.


Let’s take a look at the backrest since inversion therapy is really all about our backs. While there’s not much padding on this model, the ABS plastic backrest is ergonomically curved to naturally cradle your spine – it’s not so reminiscent of an ironing board as other models. This table does come with a removable lumbar support pillow, though some users thought it was too small of a pillow to effectively add support. With some adjusting and maybe adding in a towel or cushion, you should be able to find that sweet spot for comfortable inversion. Plus, it comes in some flashy colors that make it avoid that ‘torture device’ look.

Ankle Supports

Onto the ankles, which is another crucial area when it comes to inversion tables. The Emer Deluxe Padded Inversion Table features a great system for locking your ankles in place – the handle can be easily reached without too much contorting (and that sounds pretty great when you have a sore back!). You slide your feet between the foam rollers and foam pads, then with minimal bending you reach for the extra long handle and lock yourself in place. While the ankle supports are a bit less impressive than the more expensive models, there’s no reason you shouldn’t feel secure enough in them to fully invert.

Whenever you’re hanging upside down, it’s going to put some strain on the straps around your ankles, and the Emer Deluxe Padded Inversion Table is no different. You’ll probably find that you need to wear thick socks or shoes to relieve some of the discomfort on your ankles. While the comfort of these ankle supports is nothing to brag about, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to comfortably invert once you find the right positioning and adjustments.


The Emer Deluxe Padded Inversion Table has a key feature for convenience – it’s foldable. The Emer Deluxe is fairly easy to fold up and lean against a wall, or even store under a bed when you want to free up some space in your room. When assembled, you’ll want enough space to comfortably use the inversion table and tilt to all desired angles – estimate that you’ll need about the same amount of space as a twin bed. While the Emer Deluxe is pretty streamlined compared to others, it’s still a rather heavy item. Folding and reassembling is fairly easy, but it might be a hassle to fold up every day.

The only negative side to the design is the difficulty of assembly. It’s by no means impossible and you should be able to set it up in around an hour with some common sense, but the instruction manual leaves something to be desired. It’s recommended to use your own tools for assembly, and some parts are even already in place for you. Emer customer service is great at sending replacement parts should anything be broken or missing on assembly. Just think of the assembly process as bonding time with your new table, and rest assured that you only have to go through this once before you end up with a reliable inversion table.

What Others Are Saying

With a nearly 5-star rating from users, the Emer Deluxe Padded Inversion Table seems to be a satisfying inversion table for its price point. It’s good to know that this price is ‘affordable’ rather than ‘cheap’. Don’t just take it from me, here’s a snapshot of what other users have to say:

  • “Excellent price for the purchase!!”
  • “Why spend so much more when this does the same job?”
  • “With the adjustable ankle release locking system, it was easy to find a comfortable position for the ankles. I wear tennis shoes during inversion and feel totally comfortable.”
  • “Built very sturdy. Im a 5’7″ 250lbs male and feel completely safe on this table.”
  • “This model may not be the top of the line, but it works just like it’s supposed to and it’s comfortable. Love the results!”

The only negative to be mentioned about the Emer Deluxe Padded Inversion Table is in the assembly, but it shouldn’t be a task anyone with average intelligence can’t overcome. Overall, if you’re looking to get started with inversion therapy and you don’t care about additional attachments or luxurious cushions, you will be sufficiently satisfied with the Emer Deluxe Padded Inversion Table.

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