The Best Gravity Boots


There are several reasons why you should be looking for the best gravity boots, also known as inversion boots. Gravity boots are used to secure your ankles as you invert your body and begin your workout. You may need them for spinal decompression or simply for an additional challenge to perk up your usual workouts.

But, if hanging upside down by your ankles seems like something that’s a bit out of your comfort zone, then you can take a look at an inversion table as an alternative. These are also fantastic options for those who feel more comfortable with some added support.

Inverted therapy, which you can achieve with the help of gravity boots, can provide different therapeutic benefits, making it well worth the investment. Especially if you suffer from chronic back pain or spinal discomfort. Due to the increased popularity surrounding this fitness trend, there are several types of gravity boots that you can find, with some engineered to focus on specific health-related needs.

Teeter EZ-Up Gravity Boots
Our Top Pick

Teeter EZ-Up Gravity Boots

The Teeter EZ-Up Gravity Boots XL still have the same quality as the standard Teeter boots, plus the additional, better features that provide even safer and more comfortable workouts for the user.

Our Winners:

Teeter EZ-Up Gravity Boots – Best Gravity Boots Overall

Teeter EZ-Up Gravity Boots – Best Gravity Boots for Women

8MileLake Gravity Boots – Best Gravity Boots for Men

Goliath Labs Gravity Boots – Best Budget Gravity Boots

Inversion Therapy Explained

Inversion therapy is described as being securely suspended upside down by your ankles for several minutes in an attempt to alleviate back pain or other spinal related ailments. Opening up the vertebrae reduces the pressure on the spine and increases circulation in the body, which may help with the short-term management of back pain.

Just to name a few advantages, an inversion workout provides better shock absorption and flexibility, relaxes tense muscles, and realigns weight-bearing bones.

How Does Inversion Therapy Work?

Over time, gravitational pull causes the body’s muscles, bones and joints to compress, which leads to chronic pains. When inverting the body (holding feet above the head) for a short amount of time, the reverse-pull of gravity is considered a way to help alleviate symptoms that cause pain and discomfort by decompressing the spine.

The Different Types Of Inversion Therapy

Hanging by your ankles can be a daunting experience to get used to, but lucking there are some alternative options that you can consider in the realm of inversion therapy. 

As previously mentioned, except for gravity boots, you can also try out an inversion table or a yoga swing. If you find yourself in a position where you need to consider spatial availability, there’s also the option of a space-saving yoga chair and bench. 

Note on Safety

There have been mixed opinions on the effectiveness of inversion therapy on individual cases, and thereby it may not be a safe practice for everyone.

Please consult a medical doctor or professional before committing yourself to this therapy.

Additionally, always perform this therapy in the presence of a medical practitioner or professional.

the 10 Best Gravity Boots:

To spend more time enjoying your inversion therapy instead of searching high and low for the right pair of boots, we have researched and singled out the10 best gravity boots available on the market today.  

1. Teeter EZ-Up Gravity Boots XL


Teeter EZ-Up XL boots provide additional security with an even stronger and better design than standard Teeter gravity boots. They have longer straps and taller shells for better calf support. They are perfect for people who are ready for more advanced gravity workout routines.

Buyers can rest assured that EZ-Up XL boots still have the same quality as the standard Teeter boots with additional, better features that provide even safer and more comfortable workouts for the user. There is no need for you to spend a lot of time at the gym to use special gym equipment. With these gravity boots, you can do your regular workouts at home and get better results. 

Teeter EZ-Up XL boots are black to distinguish them from the standard Teeter gravity boots, which are blue. With the XL boots, you will still enjoy portability and durability, which are features widely associated with all Teeter Hang-Ups products, along with the additional advantage of super-soft foam that provides comfort and support at the same time.

The boots come equipped with adjustable buckles with extra inches to make sure they fit a wide variety of users. They also feature taller shell support to secure the ankle and provide additional security while the user is upside down. Plus, they are supplied with removable calf loops to reduce the weight load on the knees and feet.

Along with all of these attractive advantages, the product comes with a five-year warranty to assure buyers that they can enjoy using the boots for a long time. The XL gravity boot is made of DuPont Hytrel material, which provides toughness with a pliable blend. In the XL boots, you can easily begin inverted exercises such as squats, sit-ups, and crunches without the fear of falling on the floor. You will hardly feel as though you have them on because they weigh only 2.5 pounds.

Remember that there is no age limit as to who can use and enjoy doing the inverted workouts as long as they have approval from their medical physician. People who are starting to feel back pain due to aging can benefit from this kind of workout.  

Just make sure that you have a buddy every time you do your gravity workout at the gym or in the comforts of your home. You will surely notice the difference compared with doing a regular exercise routine. With inversion exercises, you will be able to relieve the pressure on your ligaments and vertebrae discs. Gravity workouts will also provide you with better blood circulation and improve your flexibility.

Like the standard Teeter Hang-Ups gravity boots, the Teeter EZ-Up XL is also compatible with the Conversion Bar, Inversion Rack, and Teeter Inversion Table. With these accessories, you can surely enjoy doing your advanced gravity workouts anywhere and anytime. 

All the additional gadgets are sold separately, and you can easily find the best options online. However, you can always enjoy your gravity boots without any other accessories if you prefer. Just find a sturdy structure with enough height to allow you to do your upside-down workouts safely.

2. Teeter EZ-Up Gravity Boots

Teeter EZ-Up Gravity Boots

The leading brand in gravity boots, Teeter EZ-Up, deserves to be near the top of the list. These gravity boots are portable and lightweight, making it easy for you to take them along with you anywhere. They are also perfect for the Teeter E1-1056 Hang-Ups Rack.

These boots are designed to provide comfort, especially in performing leg and core-strengthening workouts. They are perfect for stretching and inverted decompression routines as well. It is easy to test your limits in a pair of Teeter EZ-Ups without suffering unwanted pain on your ankles resulting from using the wrong gravity boots.

These boots were designed by Roger Teeter, who personally suffered from back pains. His high-quality gravity boots provided a solution to his pain that not only changed his life but was adequate for people all around the world who have suffered from the same problem. This is why this product has been designed to perfectly answer the specific needs of the person who will use it.

EZ-Up gravity boots can genuinely fit all sizes since they’re equipped with adjustable buckles that can provide you with a perfect fit. They also have self-locking features to ensure safety. With their double-lock feature enabled, there is no reason to worry about slipping or falling while upside down. With their thick foam liners, you will surely enjoy the comfort of this type of gravity boots.

Their shells are flexible and lightweight, making it easy for the wearer to adjust them to their most comfortable setup. Use the optional calf loops available to reduce the weight on your knee joints and at the top of your foot during the routine. The loops will enable you to adjust or bend your knees by two degrees, preventing the weight load from focusing on just one point.

However, you can easily remove the optional loops if you don’t need them during your workout. 

You can enjoy using the EZ-Up gravity boots together with the corresponding inversion rack, enabling you to turn an ordinary doorway into a gym. Just secure your rack into any doorway, preferably in an isolated area, so that you will not be disturbed during your workout.

If you don’t want to use the inversion rack, you have the option of using the Conversion Bar instead, which empowers you to use your EZ-Up gravity boots anywhere. Alternatively, you could consider the option of purchasing the Teeter inversion table.

The inversion table will make it easier for you to employ various inversion workouts since it provides you with the comfort of having a solid table created for the sole purpose of doing these workouts. The Teeter Hang Ups bars, racks, and tables are sold separately, but you can take advantage of a bundle offer from Amazon.

Potentially, you might even be able to utilize your gravity boots by themselves at the gym or in your home, as long as you have a secure place or structure from which to hang upside down and do your gravity workouts. Just put these boots into your gym bag and enjoy your workout anywhere you want. 

3. 8MileLake Gravity Boots

8MileLake Gravity Boots

As discussed, just a few minutes of inversion a day can be highly beneficial to one’s back, neck, and body. However, have we found the pair of boots that is the right one for you? Let’s take a look at 8milelake’s set of gravity boots. These boots offer both comfort and safety to users who are exercising, stretching, or decompressing.

The boots come in a brilliant light blue color with silver steel covers. These boots stand out from others in their style, combining attractiveness with the ability to alleviate back pain or ailments by easing the natural pressure of gravity on the spine. The 8milelake gravity boots are durable enough for the user to perform many-core and back exercises while inverted.

The shape of 8milelake gravity boots is what sets them apart from others. Being longer in the front and shorter in the back, the boots will give you a feeling of safety as you enjoy your inversion with peace of mind. Also, the security lock on an 8milelake boot is a single-action, meaning that you can spend less time struggling with locking yourself in and more time using the boots. Putting them on and taking them off is a breeze, but you are always secure when using them in your inversions.

The 8milelake set of gravity boots also comes equipped with soft padding on the interior portion. The blue EVA foam creates a comfortable fit for your ankles and shins while you enjoy your workout or relaxation session. The pads are contoured to fit the curves of your legs and ankles, adding to the comfort and ease of these boots. Since everyone is created with a different shape and size, these boots are a one-size-fits-most product. The lush padding creates an easy, comfortable hold for most people.

There are many gravity boots on the market, but we are considering only the ten best products. Still, narrowing it down to just one pair of boots might be a bit of a hassle. If you are looking for style along with comfort and safety, consider trying the 8milelake set of gravity boots. They provide practicability and aesthetics, all rolled into one great product.

4. Goliath Labs Gravity Boots

Goliath Labs Gravity Boots

Goliath Labs gravity boots are designed specifically for hanging workouts. For those who want to step their exercise routine up a notch, these gravity boots are a perfect way to do so. Easy to use, comfortable, and sturdy, Goliath Labs gravity boots are an excellent choice for those who are serious about exercise. Whether your focus is abs, lower back, or simply stretching your back out and alleviating aches and pains, this gravity boot might be for you.

The hook-and-loop fittings, reinforced plastic frames, and double metal latches ensure quality and safety for the user. Easy to put on, take off, and adjust, these gravity boots are exceptional for someone who wants to get in a quick workout without having to go to the gym. Slip the boots on, tighten, and hang from any chin-up bar. It’s as simple as that. Not only are they straightforward to use, but they are also comfortable. By using extra-soft padding, these boots were designed with comfort and convenience in mind. Enjoy your workout or your decompression time with ease and satisfaction.

Whether your main focus is sit-ups, side bends, or even inverted squats, these gravity boots were designed for you. The soft foam padding keeps your ankles, calves, and feet comfortable while you exercise so that you never have to worry about stopping to readjust.

Furthermore, the ease of setting up and taking down the gravity boots makes them a great way to exercise in a smaller area such as an apartment or condominium. You will, however, need a sturdy chin-up bar to use Goliath Labs gravity boots, so make sure you have access to a safely installed bar.

With Goliath Labs gravity boots, you can improve your upper body and core strength from the comfort of your own home, knowing that you are in good hands. These boots can open up a whole new range of motion and exercise for your household. Once you’ve made sure that you have a strong chin-up bar that is sturdy and reliable, you can begin your new routine and watch your body transform!

Goliath Labs gravity boots come in black and one size. The extra-soft foam padding ensures that your ankles are locked in firmly without any discomfort. Enjoy an excellent inversion workout in style and comfort!

5. Tonyko Inversion Gravity Boots

Tonyko Inversion Gravity Boots

Tonyko inversion gravity boots offer a versatile yet inexpensive way to relieve compression fatigue and other diseases caused by extended sitting or standing. Low pricing and high quality make this product one of the top ten best gravity boots. Double, easy-to-use, single-action locking mechanisms render this product completely safe and effortless to use. Tonyko gravity boots are great for everyone, but they are ideal for beginners because of the ease of use and installation and their comfort.

The boots are convenient to use and are one-size-fits-all. The padding around the ankles provides a comfortable experience and stability to get the best inversion. For users with smaller legs, extra padding is suggested to ensure comfort and safety. The sturdy buckles and stainless steel allow peace of mind when using these gravity boots, so you are sure to enjoy your inversion as much as possible. Tonyko has also included combined safety levers and a single-step locking mechanism for you to experience a simple, seamless inversion.

Tonyko’s innovation and safety-oriented design have come together to create a high-quality product that will give you the pain relief or relaxation you desire. For best results, pair these gravity boots with Tonyko’s standard chin-up bar that is 1 to 1 ½ inches in diameter. It is designed to hold up to 150kg and is recommended for 30 seconds to 2 minutes of use. For your safety, do not push your limits, but stick to the recommended time of use.

Don’t just take our word for how great these boots are! The reviews left by happy customers will confirm it! The quality is excellent, and the price is fair. They are safe and secure and worth looking into. The materials used are of excellent quality, meaning that the product will not fall apart after a few uses. If you are looking to try inversion gravity boots, Tonyko inversion gravity boots are a great option.

6. Body Solid Tools Inversion Boots

Body Solid Inversion Boots

You can deservedly include the Body Solid inversion boots in a list of the best gravity boots available on the market today. These boots enable the wearer to enjoy from 30 seconds up to 2 minutes of inversion therapy. They are a perfect partner for people who want to focus on targeting their abs, lower back, and obliques. Usually, after a heavy workout, you may experience muscle fatigue and spasms.

Titan Fitness inversion boots are especially practical to use for relieving pressure on your joints and bones and easing back pain. They are also a better alternative to your regular abs workout, making dreaded exercises like sit-ups, crunches, oblique bends, and back extensions a much more comfortable experience!

These boots come in black, which will match any workout equipment you already have. They offer thick contoured support pads ensuring a comfortable fit. Carrying the boots anywhere is not a problem since they weigh only 3 pounds each. The heavy-duty steel buckles secure your legs during your workout with a single-action locking mechanism. For added security, there is a built-in safety lever. Extra support pads are also provided to accommodate easy adjustments for different sizes.

When using the Body Solid inversion boots, you will need to make sure they are tight but still comfortable around your ankles before mounting them to a bar or rack.

Before you begin your routine, make sure that everything is secured and that someone monitors your workout. It is best to have a partner who will be able to help you in case of emergencies. It’s also good to have a clock or timer on hand since you shouldn’t exceed the recommended time limit for your gravity workout while using the Body Solid boots. If you want to continue with the routine, remember that it’s best to stop before experiencing lightheadedness.

There is no need to assemble any parts when you order the Body Solid gravity boots. Still, if you don’t have a chin-up bar already securely installed in your home, you might want to consider obtaining one or doing your inversion workout at the gym.

Wherever you decide to work out, you will need to find a sturdy bar to carry your weight. Then you can enjoy your regular gravity workout without any problem. Remember, just as with any other form of exercise, you need to make sure it is safe for you to follow this new routine before seriously considering it. It is nice to keep your body healthy through proper exercise, but you should avoid testing your limits.

7. Estink Hanging Pull Up Boots

Estink Hanging Pull Up Boots

When you’re searching for a comfortable pair of gravity boots to alleviate stress, stretch your muscles, and relieve back pain, Hanging Pull Up Boots may be for you. These boots’ low price and high quality make them an excellent option for people who want inversions but do not want to spend too much money. Padded with foam and secured with steel buckles, these boots provide comfort and safety to the user. In addition to being easy to use, they are easy to put on and take off. They will also attach to almost any chin-up bar.

While enjoying your workout or relaxation time, you can rest assured that you will be in good hands with the Hanging Pull Up Boots. The sturdy steel buckles and foam padding ensure a snug fit, while durable hooks guarantee your safety. The boots can hold up to 225 lbs., so you can improve your posture and relieve back pain with peace of mind. These gravity boots are great for those who want to step up their workout plan as well. Get an excellent core, and lower back workout with a pair of Hanging Pull Up Boots, all the while alleviating any stress you may have in your spine.

Hanging Pull Up Boots come in black. The high-quality material with which these gravity boots are made will last for a long time so that even though you won’t spend too much money on them in the first place, you will get your money’s worth. The Hanging Pull Up Boots design is made specifically to fit your ankles perfectly, providing comfort and ease of use and ensuring that no one’s ankles can slip through the boots. Find a chin-up bar that is safe and can withstand your inverted workout, hook your Hanging Pull Up Boots on, and enjoy.

An overall hit, Hanging Pull Up Boots have satisfied customers from everywhere who are raving about their ease of use, straightforwardness, and excellent quality. Through this article, you have become aware that you need to do your research carefully before deciding on a specific pair of gravity boots since it is imperative to choose the right pair for you, your body type, and what you want to accomplish with them. However, with such great reviews and such a great pair of gravity boots, you are bound to be satisfied and get the best-inverted workout possible with Hanging Pull Up Boots.

8. Xtreme Monkey Platinum Inversion Boots

Xtreme Monkey Platinum Inversion Boots

Are you looking for a pair of heavy-duty inversion boots that are also safe and comfortable to use? You should check out the Xtreme Monkey Platinum inversion boots. It is specifically designed to aid back spasms and spreading apart or compressed spinal disks while stretching your back, neck, and shoulder muscles. The boots also feature contouring pads that create maximum comfort with minimum stress.

Complete with a double-action locking mechanism for secure closure and soft, thick contoured padding, these boots are all you need to have a safe and satisfying inversion. 

You will not have to worry about slipping through or changing positions. You can enjoy your inversion and allow it to do what it is meant to do. Whether you are using it to relieve pressure on your spine, stretch out your back and neck, or get a tremendous core-strengthening workout, these boots are top-notch.

The black with hammertoe finish gives the Xtreme Monkey Platinum boots a polished look. You can use these gravity boots with pretty much any chin-up bar, and they are extremely easy to use. The sturdiness of the double-action lock will ease any worries you may have about being inverted and susceptible to falling, but the quality and price of these boots are what make them stand out. If you are looking for a sturdy yet comfortable pair of inversion gravity boots, these may be what you are looking for.

9. Fitness Maniac Anti-Gravity Inversion Boots

Fitness Maniac Anti-Gravity Inversion Boots

We have looked at a long list of gravity inversion boots, but perhaps you still haven’t found the right ones. Maybe you should look at Fitness Maniac’s anti-gravity inversion hang-up boots. Durable, lightweight, and stable, these inversion boots warrant your consideration. Not only are they made well and very reliable, but they are also inexpensive. It makes no sense not to try them out with such a good deal, especially after reading all the good reviews.

These boots have soft contoured padding that offers a snug and reliable hold on your ankles while giving you comfort. However, don’t be fooled by the comfort and ease of use of these anti-gravity boots. They are entirely sturdy and safety-oriented.

Equipped with steel buckles, they firmly clasp you in so that you can enjoy a nice back stretch for muscle relief or alleviation of spasms. Overall, Fitness Maniac inversion boots are made with your complete safety and comfort in mind. The quality foam padding will permit you to enjoy your inversion without discomfort, while the high-quality steel buckles will keep you firmly tucked into these boots.

You can use the Fitness Maniac anti-gravity inversion boots with almost any chin-up bar, so you do not have to worry about finding separate parts that match. If you already have a chin-up bar, you are good to go! These gravity boots are worth looking into if you want an easy, safe, and relatively inexpensive pair of inversion boots. Specialists have specifically prescribed them for treatment and exercises. The simplicity of use and versatility make them an asset to your inversion therapy workout.

10. Body Solid GIB2 Inversion Boots

Body Solid GIB2 Inversion Boots

Now we are going to look at the Body Solid GIB2 inversion boots. Like some of the other gravity boots we’ve already considered, this pair of boots is made of high-quality, soft foam on the interior and enclosed with a heavy-duty single-action locking mechanism. They are sturdy and can be used with most chin-up bars. Black in color, they are sleek and don’t show dirt as quickly as other colors would.

But what sets these boots apart? The Body Solid GIB2 inversion boots come with an extra pair of padding so that the user can adjust the fit of the boots around the ankles. Everyone is shaped differently, and many of us have different-sized ankles and legs.

That being said, finding a pair of inversion boots for someone with relatively small ankles can be challenging. We all want to feel safe and secure in our inversions. The extra pair of padding that comes with the GIB2 inversion boots offers easy adjustments, extra comfort, and peace of mind. Rather than worrying about slipping out of your boots, you can concentrate on your decompression and workout instead. 

Don’t worry about searching for specific equipment to pair with these gravity boots. The GIB2 inversion boots will pair with virtually any chin-up bar, so you can strap in and go. They are easy to put on and take off and easy to use. With these boots, you won’t waste time getting set up. You will be able to enjoy your inversion easily. Enjoy the comfort, ease, and stability of the Body Solid GIB2 inversion boots while luxuriating in a daily workout, decompression, or stretching session.

Inversion Boots Buying Guide

Inversion therapy remains beneficial only if you’re using the right equipment. With the wrong equipment, you could seriously hurt yourself. That is why choosing the appropriate pair of inversion gravity boots is so important. Since everyone’s needs are different, it is fortunate that many kinds of boots are out there.

Take the time to read the descriptions, check out the reviews online, and make a well-informed selection of a pair of boots that will be perfect for you. By doing so, you will avoid a waste of time and money. Investing a little more time now before purchase will mean saving time later. Consider the following features to select the right pair of inversion boots – and get ready to enjoy that happier, healthier you.


Safety is your most important concern in purchasing a set of gravity boots. Check out the quality of the buckles. Make sure they have an adequate locking system. Also, focus on the durability of the materials used to construct the buckles and the product as a whole. Don’t forget to look at the measurements of the boot you’re considering for purchase.

Ideally, the diameter of the opening of the boots shouldn’t be greater than that of your ankles. If your measurement requirements are minimal, consider buying a pair of boots that come with extra padding. Padding designed explicitly for the product you’re purchasing will be much safer and more comfortable than padding that you might try to provide for yourself.

Getting the advice of a professional always takes out the guesswork of an important decision. When receiving your doctors’ opinion on adding inversion therapy to your routine, it can be beneficial also to ask if there is a particular brand recommended for you. It’s also critical to notice the total weight capacity of the boots you’d like to buy. Make sure that they will be more than adequately able to support your body weight.


Inversion therapy probably won’t become a consistent part of your life if the experience is uncomfortable for you. There are many factors to consider when looking for a pair of boots that will support your maximum comfort.

First, notice the shape of the boot itself. The most comfortable sets of gravity boots are designed to conform to the natural shape of the average user’s foot, ankle, and leg. Next, check out the material used to line the boot. It should be soft and pleasant to the touch while still providing appropriate support. Look to see whether or not an optional loop is offered to help distribute your weight more evenly during inversion therapy. Check out the adaptable features of the boot. More versatile boots are usually more comfortable than less adaptable boots.

Since you probably won’t be able to try the boots on for yourself before making a purchase, especially take note of the general trend of the comments in customer reviews about the comfort level of the pair of boots you’d like to buy. Although every person is physically different and therefore has differing comfort requirements, you can learn from the overall tone of the comments whether or not most people find the boots to be relatively comfortable or not.

Ease of Use

Depending on where and how often you intend to use your new gravity inversion boots, you may have different requirements in choosing the boots. Make sure you’ve planned adequately before deciding on which pair of boots is right for you.

Do you already have a sturdy, satisfactory installed bar for chin-ups? If so, make sure the boots you expect to buy will fit the bar you already have. Will you mainly use the boots at the gym? Or do you need to purchase a rack or bar to use the boots in your home? Additional purchases will add to the cost of the boots you choose, so if such investments are necessary, you’ll want to investigate the pricing of appropriate accessories for each brand of boots.

Besides ensuring that you’ll have the necessary accessories, think about how transportable your new boots will need to be. Therefore consider the total weight of the boots if you intend to travel around with them. Most are relatively light, but some are lighter than others. Decide if this factor is important to you before making your decision.

Take another look at the buckles on the pair of boots you’d like to purchase. Along with being designed to support your weight with maximum safety, they should be constructed with ease of use in mind. How quickly would you be able to get into and out of the proposed pair of boots? Once again, inversion therapy will be less likely to become a habitual routine if it proves to be cumbersome and awkward to perform. You can help avoid this problem by choosing boots that will be easy to transport, easy to put on and take off, and easy to use.

General Purpose

Some gravity boots are designed more for relaxation or simple inversion therapy. Others have been created with more strenuous workouts in mind. This is why we recommend you research the market for a boot brand that will best fit your intended use. 

Even if it comes at a higher cost, you are sure to be more satisfied with a boot designed to meet your specific needs than with one intended for general purposes. Read the descriptions and reviews carefully, and be sure to look at the shape and style of the boot you are considering purchasing. 

On the other hand, it will be beneficial to consider if you will be sharing the boots with another individual. Although a single person better uses equipment such as gravity boots, you will need to consider the requirements of both individuals if you intend to share the use of a pair of boots.


You will save money by purchasing gravity boots that will stand up to years’ worth of wear and tear and remain functional and attractive. Consider the quality and type of materials used in constructing the boots, their overall craft, and even their color. What will last best? Will it wash well? What parts are most likely to break, wear, or fray? Look for reviews written by people who have put their boots to the test by an extended period of use instead of reviews submitted by brand new users.


Different gravity boots equate to various specifications. Therefore take particular note of the measurements and limits of the boots. Specifically the weight of the boot, the weight capacity it can hold, the width of the boots and even the thickness of the bar to use them with.  Do any personal bodily measurements or measurements of the equipment and physical spaces you plan to use the boots. If you need to purchase a bar, make sure you have a suitable place to install it. These specifications are essential and must be considered in the purchase of the right pair of boots.


Even after the most careful selection of boots, you may discover issues that you weren’t able to identify before actually trying the boots out for yourself. To avoid these types of disappointment as much as possible, consider looking for boots that offer a wide range of adaptability for different users.

To consider the versatility of the boots, ask questions such as do the boots come with optional accessories, such as loops for transferring weight loads or extra padding for added safety, fit, and comfort? Are the buckles highly adjustable? Are the boots themselves flexible enough to accommodate different body types comfortably? Every instance of greater adaptability increases the chances that the boots you purchase will indeed be perfect for you.


A better product is often very well worth the extra expense. However, before choosing the most expensive gravity boots in a bid for the highest quality, evaluate what you’re actually paying for. Compare the features of the more costly boots to the inexpensive boots.  

When comparing the two brands, ask questions such as do I need those extra or different features? Do the boots directly support my goals? Whatever you decide, make sure your buying choice reflects your unique needs rather than solely on the digits that come after that dollar sign.

Also, consider whether or not the boots come with a warranty, guarantee, or solid return policy. This may save you money and stress down the road if things do go wrong with your selection.


After evaluating all the options available to you, it would be beneficial to list the most important factors for your boots to have. Remember, safety and comfort should always be at the top of the list, but certain factors might be more important to one individual than the next. 

Regardless of the different preferences, it would be wise to have aesthetics at the bottom of the list. After all, this is not the kind of boot that you’ll be parading down the street with – though you might be considering showing them off at the gym.

However, if you’ve narrowed your options down to two or three brands of boots and still can’t decide between them, it might be time to consider which pair is more appealing in terms of appearance.

Personal Recommendations

Personal recommendations are one of the best sources of information when making any purchase decision, and gravity boots are no exception. If you know anyone who owns a pair of gravity boots, make sure that you utilize this resource by finding out which features of their boots are practical and which features can be improved.

Compare the boots you are considering with the pair your friend has.
Ask questions such as, do they appear to share similar strengths? Do they have similar weaknesses? Then use this information to help you make a more informed decision. You might even be able to slip a friend’s boots onto your ankles to test their comfort, fit, and ease of use. Note the dimensions of the boots and compare them with the measurements of the boots you are considering as well.

Once you’ve decided on a pair of boots, buy and try with confidence. Don’t forget to write a review of your own on the gravity boots after you have experienced the benefits of inversion therapy firsthand. Remember the factors listed above in your review. Let others know exactly how the boots of your choice measure up to each of these factors to enable other people to make great choices of their own

Benefits Of Using Gravity Boots

Selecting the optimal pair of boots may be your first step toward improved health and fitness. Inverting the correct way with the proper boots can slow down the aging process, reduce stress, and improve your nervous system’s function. 

The scientific theory behind inversion therapy is that pressure is released from your back by shifting the body’s gravity, and traction is provided for the spine. This is why inversion therapy is excellent for people with scoliosis, chronic back pain, sciatica, or poor circulation.

Furthermore, gravity boots are excellent for different types of exercises. With the right pair of gravity boots, you can effectively perform sit-ups, side bends, inverted squats, and many other activities. 

The National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) has published a study about some of the positive results reported from inversion therapy. The significant findings from this study included the following benefits:

  • A healthful distraction of disc spaces
  • A 25% increase in forwarding trunk flexion
  • A decrease in paraspinal EMG activity
  • A flattening of lumbar lordosis

Even a few minutes a day of inversion therapy or exercises might suffice to provide you with enormous health and fitness benefits. Still, first, you need to ensure that you will experience inversion with ease, comfort, and safety.

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