The Best Mini Stepper Machines


Most people work in an office or home environment, where they spend most of the day sitting. With the mini stepper, you can improve your overall health no matter how busy you are as it is compact, convenient to travel with, relatively silent when stepping, and allows you to train in the smallest of spaces.

The mini stepper is a suitable alternative to running and jogging, which offers a medium-intensity cardiovascular workout due to its low impact on the joints. You can easily work, tone your lower-body muscles and lose pounds at a budget price with the mini stepper. 

Additional Features you might find on your Mini Stepper

A couple of exciting features you might find on some mini steppers that can help enhance your workout.

Swing Motion

Some steppers feature a twist motion which is a little rotation in the movement of the foot pedals. This twisting movement can help engage more muscles than in a standard stepping motion bring your inner and outer thigh into action.

Resistance Bands

You might find your mini stepper comes equipped with ropes or resistance bands. Using these can add another dimension to your session, providing a full-body workout with the potential to target several muscles.

list of the top 10 Mini Stepper Machines

So why not take a break from sitting and jump on one of our top 10 mini steppers, designed to help you burn calories and level up your fitness.

1. Sunny Health & Fitness Adjustable Mini Stair Stepper P8000

Sunny Health & Fitness Adjustable Mini Stair Stepper P8000

Dimensions: 15 x 16 x 13 inches

Weight: 14.5 lbs

Max User Weight: 220 lbs

Adjustment Features: Step Height

Step and twist your way to better health with the latest mini stepper from Sunny Health & Fitness. Feature-packed, well-priced, and heavy-duty steel construction, the Sunny mini stepper is a worthy winner of our best overall tag.

The swing motion technology coupled with the stepping motion helps you engage all your leg muscles, such as your thighs, calves, glutes, and shin, while the impressive hydraulic system provides a smooth stepping motion. Its space-saving design, easy assembly, and clear LCD monitor are all bonus features of this mini stepper.

Ride Quality

The Sunny has an excellent hydraulic drive system that allows for smooth stepping as you push through your workout. But, of course, the big selling point of the Sunny is the subtle twisting motion.

Whilst it isn’t obvious when watching the mini stepper, you certainly feel the swinging as you step. This helps you tone those outer and inner thighs that standard steppers tend to miss, making it an all-around leg workout.

There is no adjustable resistance on this mini stepper, but the provided one is pretty tough anyway. If you find the set resistance too hard, you can easily adjust the height so that your feet have less distance to travel. Finding the workout too easy? You can adjust the height for a higher step motion, making your workout a bit more challenging.


The Sunny arrives fully assembled so you can just unbox the item and jump straight on!


The sturdy frame and compact design are key features of this mini stepper as they can easily fit underneath your desk and can be stored away in the tightest of places.

The Sunny Health and Fitness stepper has a sturdy frame and compact design that only weighs 15lbs. This allows it to be conveniently transported and stored away in the smallest of places. However, don’t let this small and lightweight frame fool you as it is proven to be robust enough to withstand 220lbs, although some customer reviews suggest that the machine can support up to 290lbs with barely a creek.

The only note is that using the stepper with excess weight capacity than specified can lead to the mini stepper causing problems over time and not lasting as long as it should.


The digital display on this mini stepper is clear and easy to use. It tracks your performance without straining your eyes, thanks to the large size of the display.

The console offers a scan mode that would take you through all the information on your workouts, such as the time, step count, revolutions per minute, and calories burnt without having to press a button. 

Although this console is the best out of most consoles available on mini steppers, I suggest a distance display metric be included as it would be useful to gauge how far you have stepped during your workout session. Additionally, the lack of a backlight on the console is frustrating in poor lighting. All of which are common problems across mini stepper console displays.  


The pink color is a unique and catchy design that will look neat in an office and home setting. The only concern is that it is likely to deter some male users from buying the machine.

Oversized and textured footpads provide a safe and non-slip platform for you to vigorously pedal while a fitted floor stabilizer keeps the machine steady as you work out.

2. Women’s Health, Men’s Health Bluetooth Cardio Stair Stepper With Resistance Bands

Women's Health Men's Health Bluetooth Cardio Stair Stepper with Adjustable Resistance Bands and with MyCloudFitness App

Dimensions: 23 x 16 x 19 inches

Weight: 31 lbs

Max User Weight: 250 lbs

Adjustment Features: Step Height and Locking Step Height

I think this is probably the longest product name ever, so for now, we’ll refer to this mini stepper as the WHMH.

Packed with plenty of hi-tech features for us techno-geeks, the WHMH is a technophile’s dream. There aren’t many steppers that feature this much connectivity and compatibility to help you monitor your workout.

Although the technological side of this machine is more advanced than other steppers, it still has plenty of features that help it deliver a great workout, including an adjustable step height and three locking adjustable step heights.

This mini stepper can level up your workout as it comes with resistance bands that allow for a light upper body workout as well.  

Ride Quality

Unlike some mini steppers, the WHMH only goes up and down in a stepping motion, which the manufacturers claim is less impactful on the knees.

The key to the ride quality of this mini stepper is access to multiple on-demand workouts and programs provided by MyCloudFitness. So whether it’s Jenny’s Quick Blast or The 21 Day Habit, a range of workout programs will help you achieve your fitness goals in a faster and more engaging way than you thought possible.

If your workout is too easy, you can ramp up the intensity by adjusting the step height up to 10″ inches. Three locking step heights also convert the stepper into a stable step-up platform for when you want to do more than just stepping.

Generally, this mini stepper is quiet. The only noise to watch out for is an unsettling thump if you ride the step all the way down. This is because it tends to hit the metal base as you step down. However, such a full step is rare.


Assembling the WHMH can be strenuous. Not only is it quite heavy, but it also is unnecessarily complicated to assemble because of the intricate parts and confusing manual instructions.

Once you’ve put it together though, it’s well worth the effort.


Unfortunately, with great connectivity comes great size. So despite the manufacturers’ claim, you’ll struggle to fit this under your desk at work. However, with its high connectivity and on-demand classes, this mini stepper wasn’t really designed for regular use in the workplace.

This mini stepper’s large size and extra weight allow for this machine to withstand more weight capacity than your standard mini stepper and provides exceptional stability as you intensify your stepper workout. However, do not try to move it around too often.


Although the tiny LCD monitor feels rather unnecessary due to the stepper’s ability to track via apps on your Smartphone, the LCD monitor still tracks metrics such as steps per minute, total steps, time, and calories burnt.

For proper tracking, use the Bluetooth connectivity available from the stepper to connect to your smartphone for clearer display, more tracking options, personalized workout programs, and even find scenic routes for you to walk on.

Another great bonus of Bluetooth tracking is that you can save your workout stats, allowing you to track how you’re doing over time. Your entire workout history is at your fingertips, so you’ll know if you’re on track to reach your fitness goals or if you need to work harder.


The modern tech in this mini stepper is complemented by the modern design. With a black and gray color scheme and attractive orange trim, the WHMH looks the part.

Grippy pedals are oversized to provide maximum comfort and safety as you push hard, whilst large stabilizers keep the machine steady.

I like the addition of protective heat covers over the air piston cylinder, making this machine safe and easy to transport.

3. Xiser Commercial Mini Stepper

Xiser Commercial Mini Stairmaster, Polished Alloy

Dimensions: 21 x 14 x 4 inches (Folded)

Weight: 14 lbs

Max User Weight: 400 lbs

Adjustment Features: Step Resistance

Everything about this mini stepper oozes durability, robustness, and strength. Even the name sounds heavy-duty. The Xiser is built to withstand weight over 400lbs, making it one of the most heavy-duty mini steppers available on the market.

It comes equipped with a first-rated hydraulic system and adjustable resistance levels for when you want to up the intensity of your workout. The Cast Airframe Grade Alloy and 5-year warranty tells you everything you need to know about the indestructibility of this beast.

This stepper doesn’t come cheap, so be prepared to part with a chunk of cash if you’re looking to buy this mini stepper.

Ride Quality

The Xiser brand is proud of the patented hydraulic system contained within this mini stepper.

Stepping motions are smooth and quiet thanks to silicone fluid, allowing the machine to respond to your effort. Meaning, the more effort you put into your stepping, the more resistance the Xiser will come back with.

This feature will provide an intense aerobic workout that enables superior muscle-building and fat-burning. If your workout is still too easy, you can manually adjust the resistance to make things a tad harder.


Assembly couldn’t be easier as the Xiser arrives fully assembled and ready for use. If you need to transport the machine or store it in a tight space, then it can be easily dissembled and re-assembled for use.


Considering the high weight capacity and robustness of this mini stepper machine, you’d expect it to be massive. However, it only weighs 14lbs and is, in fact, one of the most portable and compact mini steppers out there, making it great for storage, transportation, and under-desk use.

You can use it practically anywhere. Xiser even claims you can use it on a plane, although I’m a bit dubious on that claim.


Buying a heart rate monitor or fitness watch is recommended with the Xiser to track your stats. Unfortunately, it does not come with a console, making it impossible to monitor your steps, stats, and calories burnt.


The unique and polished look of the Xiser is quite striking and a plus for this mini stepper. In addition, the silver colors give it a modern look that will fit in your home or at your workplace.

Aside from the stabilizers, which keep the machine steady when you up the intensity, there aren’t too many aesthetic features of note on the Xiser. Instead, it’s quite a simple machine where all the impressive designs are within the patented hydraulic system.

4. Sunny Health & Fitness Mini Stepper with Resistance Bands

Sunny Health & Fitness Mini Stepper with Resistance Bands

Dimensions: 16 x 12 x 13 inches

Weight: 14 lbs

Max User Weight: 220 lbs

Adjustment Features: Step Height

Basic but effective, this second Sunny Health and Fitness mini stepper on our list is ideal for users who want to get stepping without the need to do HIIT, have hi-tech features, or pay eye-watering price tags.

The removable training band this mini stepper comes with helps you work the upper body whilst step height adjustment lets you increase the difficulty of your workout. All in all, this mini stepper ticks all the boxes you’d want from a budget machine.

Ride Quality

The Sunny only offers simple up and down motions, which is why it is considered one of the simplistic easiest-to-use mini steppers. It also uses a hydraulic drive system to provide smooth stepping movements, which would decrease joint impact and allow you to get the most out of the workout.  

If you wish to increase the intensity of your workout, you can adjust the step motion height to extend the stride length and give your legs a bit more work to do. Alternatively, you can use the resistance bands and add some upper body exercise to your session.

Furthermore, it is worth noting that the resistance bands do not offer that much more than allowing you to burn a few more calories.


There is no assembly required on this mini stepper other than the easy addition of the resistance bands. It arrives fully built and in a nice, sturdy package. You can unwrap and get pedaling.

A few customer reviews suggest getting going can be quite difficult if you’re new to mini steppers. This is likely an assembly issue, and all you need to do is adjust the knob under the footrests to loosen or tighten the pedals.


This Sunny mini stepper is pretty compact. There’s nothing to take up unnecessary space with no special features, so it’s easy to use under a desk or store in tight spaces.

The stepper only weighs 14lbs which is light and means you’ll have no issues transporting this mini stepper before and after your workout.


The Sunny mini stepper features a fundamental LCD monitor, which shows you the steps taken, steps per minute, time, calories burned, and a scan mode for convenience. All of which helps you track your progress as you step.

Quite a few customers describe the console as unreliable as they have problems with it early into their use. Turning on but not displaying anything, damage on arrival, and even shattering into many pieces are regular complaints.

The display is too small and, combined with no backlight, will require 20/20 vision to see it.


There’s nothing wrong with its looks, and it’s quite rudimentary. Basic and simple are the keywords when describing how it looks. Even the black and grey colors are uninspiring.

The pedals are textured for added grip when you step on the gas. However, the pedals are on the smaller side and can be uncomfortable if you have big feet.

5. KYY Indoor Fitness Stair Stepper

KYY Indoor Fitness Stair Stepper

Dimensions: 15 x 15 x 11 inches

Weight: 17 lbs

Max User Weight: 264 lbs

Adjustment Features: Step Height

With heavy-duty steel construction, twisting motion, and a clear LCD, the KYY is a great option for anyone looking for a mini stepper that is durable, ergonomically designed, and capable of catapulting you towards your fitness goals.

The KYY mini stepper even comes with resistance bands for those who fancy working their upper as well. It even has a relatively high weight capacity, which makes it suitable for a variety of users.

While it could look better, I like the versatility of this mini stepper, and it would be a good addition to any home or office.

Ride Quality

The heavy-duty steel construction means the KYY mini stepper can be reused for years without fading or losing its quality. The ride is smooth yet not outstanding whilst the lack of adjustable resistance means you have to make do with the resistance provided.

If you want to make the exercise harder, you can adjust the step height. Twisting motion on every step targets your inner and outer thighs, supporting increased muscle activation and extra calorie burning.

If you get bored with just stepping, the resistance bands can work your upper body. However, it doesn’t feel like the resistance bands offer much training, as the resistance is not high enough, which will decrease the rate of calories burnt and muscle growth.  


The bulk of this mini stepper arrives fully assembled, so you are just left to assemble a few minor parts. It’s effortless and fairly straightforward to do so that you can get stepping as soon as possible.

Just remember to tighten the nut before using otherwise you won’t be able to move the pedals.


Being small and light makes this mini stepper perfect for both home and office use. You can take it with you to work, easily transport and store it after use, and not worry about it being too intrusive if you store it in the corner of your room.

Despite its low weight, it still feels pretty sturdy and has a max weight limit of 264lbs, which outdoes most other mini steppers on the market.


The LCD is clear and easy to read. It displays total count, time, calories burned, and RPM allowing you to track your workout and access your stats at any time.

Again, there’s no backlight, so don’t forget your torch if you’re using it in a dark room or under your desk.


The aesthetics of this mini stepper are poor and can be improved. To me, the plastic casing gives it a cheap, almost childish look.

The pedals are very grippy thanks to their textured design, which keeps your feet from slipping as you pedal faster. The stabilizers are steady enough, although the plastic end caps can come off, which can be disconcerting if you’re mid-sprint.

6. Sunny Health & Fitness Total Body Twist Stepper Machine

Sunny Health & Fitness Total Body Advanced Twist Stepper Machine

Dimensions: 19 x 18 x 14 inches

Weight: 19.4 lbs

Max User Weight: 250 lbs

Adjustment Features: Step Height

Our third Sunny on the list is The Total Body Stepper, a more advanced mini stepper than the budget one we previously reviewed. Standout features include a sturdy design, twisting action as you pedal, and resistance bands to work your upper body. This machine also comes with a stabilizing ring foundation which provides extra stability.

Ride Quality

The resistance on this mini stepper is non-adjustable, but the hydraulic drive provides enough of a challenge to keep your glutes and quads working hard. If it becomes too easy at some point, you can adjust the step height with the twist of a dial at the front of the machine.

Twist action means you engage more leg muscles, in particular the inner and outer thighs, whilst the resistance bands give your upper body a bit of activity too.

One thing to note is that the mini stepper requires some “breaking in.” The resistance and drive system will be quite stiff at first, but after a few uses, it should become easier. The sturdiness of this mini stepper is a plus-point and makes the ride smooth and steady, even when stepping at max speed.


The Total Body mini stepper arrives at your door fully assembled. It even comes with an extra battery for the console.

Simply attach the resistance bands if you want to use them and pedal away the calories.


Compact yet sturdy, the well-engineered Total Body brings everything you’d want from a mini stepper in terms of size and portability. It only weighs 20lbs, so it’s easy to transport pre-and post-workout. In addition, being so compact means it will fit under a standing desk or be easily stored away.


The console is quite small and dark, so if you squint hard enough, you can make out your step count, time, calories burnt, and total count while in scan mode. Also, like with other Sunny consoles, it’s not the most reliable, so be prepared for a few painful conversations with Sunny customer service.


Smart design and modern colors help make this machine stylish and aesthetically pleasing. The red dial to adjust the step height looks a little out of place, but overall it’s an elegant machine.

A unique stabilizer ring on the base helps keep your steps steady, providing added safety and peace of mind as you unleash sprints during HIIT training. The pedals are nice and big, too, comfortably accommodating most foot sizes and grooves to help provide extra grip.

7. L NOW Mini Stepper with Resistance Bands

L NOW Mini Stair Stepper for Exercise with Resistance Bands

Dimensions: 22 x 15 x 12 inches

Weight: 14.5 lbs

Max User Weight: 250 lbs

Adjustment Features: None

With a snazzy V-shaped design and striking colorways, the L NOW stepper certainly catches the eye. Smooth and quiet thanks to an impressive double hydraulic drive system, this mini stepper can take you up and down as well as side to side, giving your workout an extra edge.

Its low user weight limit, inability to change step height or resistance, and tendency to turn up with parts missing are certainly frustrating for customers.

Ride Quality

The double hydraulic system used is awe-inspiring. With powerful load-bearing rods and a silence column to keep noise at a minimum, you will glide your way to weight loss with the L NOW stepper.

The standout feature is, of course, the ergonomic V motion. L NOW claims that this imitates a mountaineering exercise, following people’s normal walking motion. Personally, I don’t think it offers anything more than normal stepping motion other than just being a bit different.

Credit for the variation, but as the ergonomic motion offers few physical benefits, it stays on our best mini stepper list.


You won’t need to assemble your L NOW mini stepper, which is good. There are, however, plenty of reports of parts missing when it arrives. From screws to batteries to the resistance bands themselves, this can be quite annoying and will mean you wait longer to jump on your stepper.

The saving grace is that L NOW’s customer service is outstanding, resolving issues quickly and competently.


Small and compact, this mini stepper requires little storage space. Weighing just 14.5lbs, it doesn’t require much effort to move around either.


The digital monitor offers readouts on steps, time, and calories to help you stay focused and work towards achieving your goals.

The display is a bit small and could be clearer so that you know what metric you’re looking at. Otherwise, it’s no worse than some of the ones found on the Sunny mini steppers, though, so it’s far from a deal-breaker.

I do like that it’s able to display more than one metric at a time, which can be confusing at times but is a lot better than having to wait for the metric you care about to appear on the screen.


The striking design of this mini stepper is the first thing you will notice. The V-shaped pedals add an interesting variation to the mini stepper and are designed to imitate mountaineering exercise. The colors are excellent too. Bright blue is a refreshing change from the black and gray found on most mini steppers.

Rubber soles at the feet protect your floor from the machine’s metal base from scratching and ensure the stepper doesn’t slide as you pedal, adding to the stability and safety of use. In addition, a special design in the base keeps the stepper as quiet as possible, thanks to what L NOW calls a noise reduction column.

The foot pedals are a suitable size for all foot proportions. Non-slip pedals provide plenty of grips and even promote circulation in the soles of your feet.

8. EFITMENT Fitness Stepper Machine

EFITMENT Fitness Stepper Machine Step Machine

Dimensions: 19 x 14 x 10 inches

Weight: 14.5 lbs

Max User Weight: 220 lbs

Adjustment Features: None

The brilliantly named “Stepper Step Machine” comes from the lesser-known brand EFITMENT. Despite being newcomers to the mini stepper market, their offering has proven hugely popular, achieving positive reviews and plenty of hype.

A relatively low weight capacity and basic step pattern places this machine lower down on our list, but don’t be fooled; it will still deliver an excellent workout and help you reach your fitness goals.

Ride Quality

The up and down stepping motion provided by the EFITMENT will provide a cardio workout that boosts your heart rate and lung health. However, it lacks the twist motion featured on many of its competitors, which is reflected by the low price.

 Built with a hydraulic drive system, this mini stepper uses fluid power to provide a smooth and quiet workout.

You can’t adjust the height or the resistance on this model, so once it gets too easy, there isn’t much you can do about it other than pedal faster.


The EFITMENT arrives as a fully assembled mini stepper, so you don’t have to worry about setting aside time to put it together or go through the stress of following complicated instructions.


Compact and easy to transport, the EFITMENT is great for under your desk or in a small apartment. At just 15lbs, you’ll have no problems picking this machine up and transporting it.

Being small and lightweight does have its downsides, though. The EFITMENT mini stepper lacks the stability of some of its closest competitors, especially during heavy sprints. In addition, the user weight limit is only 220lbs which is again lagging behind the competition.


A limited and small console made available does help you track your stats and monitor your progress as you step. A digital monitor displays your time, reps, count, calories burned and includes a convenient scan mode to scroll through your metrics automatically.


I do like the modern, stylish design of this mini stepper. The blue trim of the stepper completes the black and gray color scheme, whilst the pedals feature an attractive design adding a nice touch.

The pedals also have grooves and textures, which help provide safe footing for when you start sprinting. Being so large, they are accommodating to all foot sizes.

9. Nordic Lifting Mini Stepper

Dimensions: 11.5 x 16.5 x 7.9 inches

Weight: 16 lbs

Max User Weight: 286 lbs

Adjustment Features: None

Nordic Lifting’s venture into the mini stepper market has attracted plenty of positive attention with a unique incline foot pedal feature and upper body resistance bands.

Living up to the high-quality and multi-functional values of most Nordic Lifting products, this mini stepper offers a solid aerobic workout for anyone looking to kick-start their fitness journey.

Ride Quality

The hydraulic drive system provides a fluid and silent workout on this mini stepper. Combined with the adjustable resistance system and upper body resistance bands, you can get an enjoyable and productive workout on the Nordic Lifting mini stepper.

A sturdy structure makes this a durable mini stepper and a stable workout, but I feel it misses the ability to change step height. It has a decent maximum weight capacity of 286 lbs. However, this mini stepper is uniquely designed, after all.


This mini stepper is easy to assemble, however, a user manual is provided with clear and easy-to-follow instructions if needed. Once assembled, just clip on the resistance bands and burn calories.


This stepper has a slim structure, with dimensions of 11.5 x 16.5 x 7.9 inches and a weight of 16 lbs it is surprisingly durable and stable for its compact size.


This mini stepper has a mini data display that records your strides, calorie count, and other general workout statistics. The screen is rather generic in appearance.

Along with the Nordic Lifting mini stepper, you will receive a  non-slip dotted mat, which is a pleasant added safety benefit, as well as 3 pairs of resistance bands (20”, 28” and 39”) to accommodate different fitness levels. 2 D-ring handles to go with the resistance bands are also included.


As far as mini steppers go, the Nordic Lifting mini stepper definitely stands out in terms of presentation! It has a sleek and modern look to it, with well-designed rubber foot grips on the pedals. You can buy this stepper in 4 different colors; white, black pink, and red.

10. Leikefitness Portable Stair Stepper

Leikefitness Premium Portable Stair Stepper

Dimensions: 16 x 14 x 10 inches

Weight: 19.5 lbs

Max User Weight: 220 lbs

Adjustment Features: None

Another newcomer to the mini stepper scene, LeikeSport’s offering can both step and twist, although not simultaneously.

I’ve done a lot of research on this and still can’t find any real benefits to the twist without step motion that isn’t already given by the step motion, so it sits at the bottom of our best mini stepper list. It’s far from a bad machine, though, it just offers less than its competitors.

Ride Quality

The twisting motion is a lot of fun and adds a unique aspect to your workout; however, it does not provide you with many more physical benefits than stepping. The only shame is that it can’t be done in tandem with the stepping motion, which would add a fun variation.

The excellent hydraulic system is smooth and quiet, and the super sturdy steel construction enhances the ride quality. Of course, it can become squeaky, though, so be sure to keep the drive and mechanics well-oiled.

You can’t adjust the resistance or change the step height meaning there is no way of leveling up your workout once the factory resistance becomes too easy.


The mini stepper machine arrives fully assembled and comes with resistance bands that don’t actually connect to anything on the machine.


Small and compact, the Leikefitness mini stepper can be easily stored away in the smallest spaces.

It’s on the heavier side at 19lbs but still light enough to carry around with relative ease when storing it away but is not ideal for traveling around with.


The provided LCD monitor is small and unreliable but does offer readouts of all the essential metrics to help you track your workout including, calories burned and step count.

The monitor does sometimes get stuck on 0, though, so be prepared for some conversations with LeikeSports customer service that will help troubleshoot the issue.


The large, green pedals give this mini stepper a fun, unique look that differs from your standard black and grey color. They’re nicely textured, too, providing added grip and safety when you pedal faster.

Anti-skid rubber feet help reduce noise and keep you stable as you pedal whilst shockproof cushioning below the pedals ensures a smooth and comfortable ride.

Buyers Guide to a Mini Stepper

When buying a mini stepper, you want to be sure you’re getting great value for money. With this in mind, there are several key features to look out for when buying your next mini stepper.

Hydraulic Drive System

The drive is possibly the most important part of your mini stepper. It can influence the quality of your workout and the durability of the machine. A hydraulic drive system uses pressurized fluid and an electric motor to power your mini stepper.

The main benefits of a hydraulic drive system are the smooth stepping motion it can provide, the whisper-quiet motor that helps the mini stepper remain discrete and noiseless, and high levels of durability for extra use of the machine.

If you’re looking for a mini stepper suitable for the office, a quiet environment, or for extended usage, a hydraulic drive system in the machine is essential.

Pedal comfort and safety

When starting with your stepper, you want to be able to comfortably place your feet on the pedals without worrying about slipping or getting injured.

The ideal pedals will have grooves or nodules that help your feet grip the pedals of your mini stepper when you start to push harder. It would help if you also looked out for pedals that are wide enough to accommodate your feet.


Let’s be honest; nobody wants a stepper that makes a racket as you use it. Clunking, grinding, and whirring sounds are extremely annoying if you are using your mini stepper whilst watching TV and for your colleagues if using it in the workplace.

Whilst all fitness equipment will make some noise, many mini steppers are much quieter than others. Having a hydraulic drive system is usually a good indicator that your machine is pretty quiet.

Before buying, check customer reviews and manufacturers’ specs to see how much noise your device will emit during use.

Adjustable Step Height

If your goal is burning loads of calories and toning legs, then you’ll want a mini stepper that offers different step heights as you get fitter, stronger, and more capable. Increased step height will force your stride to be longer, boosting muscle engagement on every stride. This will encourage higher calorie burn and muscle toning. 


The name “mini stepper” does suggest that what you’re getting isn’t going to be huge but, you do want to make sure it will fit in your storage space and where you want to use it. 

The weight of the machine should be a consideration too. Heavier steppers are usually more stable, so if you plan to do high-intensity workouts, this is the way to go. On the other hand, being heavier means they are tougher to move around, so consider what you will use it for and if you’ll be carting it around before and after each use.

Build Quality

A high price tag isn’t always a precursor to a well-built mini stepper. When buying, check what material the machine is built from. Will it wear easily? Is it a durable component?

Durable Materials to Look Out for on Your Mini Stepper Include:

  • Stainless steel for strength and durability
  • Aluminum alloy for durability and lightweight.

The reputation of the manufacturer, design, and assembly of the product, along with customer reviews, are all good ways of judging a mini stepper’s build quality. 


A good quality console will have a clear display and track all your essential workout stats keeping you focused during your workout and aware of your progress. Seeing the results and improvements you’re making over time will encourage motivation to exercise and reach your goal.

If you want to level up, you can get a mini stepper with good connectivity and track your workout via various smartphone apps.

Health Benefits of using the Mini Stepper

There are plenty of reasons to invest in a mini stepper for your home or workplace. They come equipped with a host of health benefits to keep you feeling and looking great.

Improve cardio health

The stepping motion on a mini stepper mimics walking up flights of stairs, thus offering a moderate aerobic activity. Using the machine regularly can offer massive improvements in heart health, helping lower blood pressure, reduce cholesterol, and decrease the risk of heart disease.

Burn calories and lose weight

Sometimes it’s not always possible to walk to work or join a local gym. Hectic schedules or sedentary lifestyles can leave many wondering how to stay healthy and shed that excess weight.

Mini steppers will keep your feet moving whilst you work at a standing desk, burning around 100 calories an hour. Granted, you can burn much more per hour on a spin bike, but it’s not nearly as convenient to use. 

Tone legs

Mini steppers can help users tone their legs by burning the fat around the muscles. Slight resistance as you pedal can engage the lower body muscles as you push forward and back, working the same muscles when climbing the stairs. Stepping will activate your:

  • Quads
  • Glutes
  • Hamstrings
  • Calves
  • Abs

Strengthening lower body muscles by stepping can reduce tension in the leg muscles and even help reduce the risk of osteoporosis and arthritis.

It’s important to note that you should incorporate some weight workouts such as squats or lunges for maximum toning, even if it’s just using body weight.

Easy on the joints

Exercises that involve running or jumping can place a load of stress on our joints. Mini steppers are a low-impact alternative to keeping fit, making them less stressful and gentle on the knee and ankle joints, reducing the risk of injury or pain.

This is perfect for elderly and sedentary individuals, or even for fitter people who are rehabilitating from a joint injury. 

Low-Impact vs. High Impact Workouts

Seeing as a mini stepper essentially simulates walking up and down the stairs, you might be wondering why you need to spend upwards of $50 when you could walk up and down your staircase.

Well, aside from the inconvenience to your household and damage you might cause to your stairs if you walked up and down them repeatedly, a mini stepper is a low-impact workout on your joints. 

Walking up and down a flight of stairs would involve repeated impacts as your foot strikes the ground, which your joints would hate. So instead, your foot is always on the pedal with a mini stepper, so there is no impact as you step, just a smooth gliding motion. 

This means your joints are under much less stress than a high-impact workout, reducing the risk of injuries or long-term joint problems such as arthritis.

Keeping Focus on Your Stepper

When you first get your mini stepper, you’ll hopefully love it so much you’ll find it hard not to use it. But at some point, doing the same workout over and over again might become a little tedious.

As you begin to lose interest in your workouts, you’ll likely start using your mini stepper less and less over time. To avoid this, it’s important to keep your workouts as interesting and engaging as possible by adding variations and new elements.

Things you could include:

  • Vary the step height to add more challenge to your workout.
  • Try a few HIIT workouts with different intervals to add some variation.
  • Take days off from your stepper (not too many, of course) so that using it doesn’t become a chore.
  • If you can, try a workout whilst standing on your stepper to add a bit of extra intensity to your session.


The stepper is mainly made for standing and not seated individuals, which makes the stepper unbeneficial for an office environment or looking to be more active while at the desk all day. For a low-impact work-out that is more suited for seated individuals rather consider the mini elliptical.

If you are looking for a great low-impact workout that gets your heart rate up, then the mini stepper is the perfect piece of machinery to fit into your life. Steppers are portable enough to move with you throughout the day but robust enough to withstand weight and time. In addition, you will not have to make time for excess exercise because you could pull the stepper out and get active while watching television or playing games.

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