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Combat sports like boxing and mixed martial arts (MMA) have become popular among people across the globe, with new training studios opening everywhere. Ther free standing punching bag is essential for these activities. Whether you want to practice defense and martial arts, work on strength training, or develop a new skill, this equipment is perfect for you. It helps you utilize different muscle groups ranging from the upper body, lower body, core, and back.

There are several types of punching bags available in the market to incorporate into your training and workout. However, you need one of the best freestanding punching bags that can offer functionality, durability, longevity, and many features. To maximize your fitness journey, consider combining your workout with a waist trainer or increasing your perspiration rate while wearing a sauna suit—maximum effort for maximum results.

Century Wavemaster XXL free standing punching bag
Our Top Pick

Century Wavemaster XXL

Do you want to build muscular strength and endurance? In that case, you need high quality and durable freestanding punching bag. Century Store offers a Century Wavemaster XXL punching bag that you can incorporate into your cardio and strength training exercises.

Taking a look at the different types of free standing punching bags

There are great ranges of standing punching bags that offer exceptional features for different purposes.

Body Opponent Bag

Century bob body opponent punching bag

They are also pretty similar to grappling dummies, but they have a robust and steady base. Its large base keeps it from falling or recoiling back on super powerful kicks and punches.

Most importantly, these bags mimic a real human being, making them excellent for self-defense training.

Free standing Punching Bag

Everlast Omniflex free standing punching bag

Freestanding punching bags have a center of gravity that keeps them stable. They have a long punching surface that provides a massive target area.

You can use them for all types of martial arts, such as kickboxing, M.M.A., and Muay Thai. These bags come with height-adjustable options.

Reflex Punching Bag

Ringside cobra reflex punching bag

Reflex punching bags are excellent if you only want to practice your punching skills. They typically have a size smaller than a basketball and are hanged with the help of a string or rope.

They are also perfect for polishing your counter striking skills. You can try various combinations and punch and hit it from different angles.

What Are The Benefits Of A Free Standing Punching Bag?

They Are Easy To Install

The best freestanding punching bag is easy to install. All you need is to secure them to their base, which is either sand or water-filled, place them somewhere with adequate space to work out safely, and you are good to go.

User Friendly

Soft and impact-absorbing foams are used to fill the bags, making them easier on your body’s bones and knuckles and helping avoid injury to novice boxers.

They Are Great Tools For Mental And Physical Well-being

Punching bags are great stress-relief tools. An intensive workout has been said to help reduce anxiety, frustration, and depression.

They Do Not Require As Much Space As Other Types Of Punching Bags

Free standing punching bags are stationary and occupy roughly the same area when used, unlike other punching bags, such as hanging punching bags that swing and require a larger space to train.

The Wavemaster XXL gets the vote for best Overall and best heavy duty punching bag.

When it comes to durability, the Wavemaster is front row and center. This punching bag is a tank and as solid as a rock. This free-standing punching bag is made to take some serious workouts, and it does so very well. This bag is an excellent long-term investment for trainers or novices just starting their boxing journey.

century Wavemaster XXL

Century Wavemaster XXL free standing punching bag

Material: Vinyl

Sport Type: Kickboxing

Item Weight: 53 Lbs

Height Adjustable: Yes

Size: 69 Inches

Fill: Sand or water

My first impression of this punching bag is that it’s massive. If you have limited space at 26 inches tall and a 13-inch diameter, this is probably not the best option to consider, only due to its sheer size. The bag’s height can also easily be adjusted from 47 to 68 inches. Its low-profile base does a good job of distributing weight evenly and can be filled with either sand or water. When filled, it weighs around 270 lbs and is stable, even with the hardest of kicks and punches. It won’t fall.

The vinyl material on the Wavemaster’s exterior is noticeably premium quality and very robust in appearance and touch. This is what makes this punching bag a standout winner for durability and strength. The high quality also shows in the hand-sewn stitching in the outer layer, which also helps to reduce wear and tear over continued long-term use.

The core of the punching bag is wrapped in ergonomic high-density foam, allowing the surface to remain stable, no matter how hard it’s kicked and punched. The stem of the bag is also covered in the same foam material that creates added stability and minimizes additional movement.

The Wavemaster XXL is designed to be a heavy-duty punching bag. It’s big, bulky, and intimidating and can take a punch. Its hardcore design makes it perfect for M.M.A., kickboxing, and regular boxing training sessions.

What’s To Like About The Wavemaster XXL?

  • Extremely durable, heavy-duty and robust punching bag material.
  • It’s huge, so it makes for a good training target for beginners.
  • It is padded with ergonomic high-density foam for added protection .

What’s Not To Like About The Wavemaster XXL?

  • Compared to other free standing punching bags, its more expensive.

The Everlast Omniflex Free Standing Punching bag is the best budget option.

The Everlast Omniflex is a great at-home free standing punching bag best suited for beginners or those just looking for a general workout. This beginner punching bag is more lightweight than its larger counterparts, but it can still take a proper punch and has a very appealing price tag. I’d recommend this bag as a good investment for novice boxers or if you’re on a budget.

Everlast Omniflex Free Standing Punching bag

Everlast omniflex free standing punching bag

Material: Foam and plastic

Sport Type: Boxing

Item Weight: 28 Lbs

Height Adjustable: Yes

Size: 67 Inches

Fill: Sand or water

As one of the most affordable punching bags, the Everlast Omniflex has a lot going for it. In contrast to the Wavemaster mentioned above punching bag’s size, the Everlast Omniflex is compact and doesn’t take up a lot of room. The material used feels thick and sturdy, while the inside of the bag is filled with a high-shock absorbing foam that cushions your blows. I will recommend that you don’t use this punching bag with bare hands, as even with the interior foam filling, the bag is quite hard, so definitely use gloves with this one.

The Everlast Omniflex’s base can be filled with sand or water, generally relatively stable. When filled, it weighs about 130 lbs which are lighter than most other free standing punching bags.

That being said, the neck joint isn’t fixed, so when you strike the bag, it swings forwards and backward. This is good if you want to practice agility, but for more seasoned boxers that deliver harder knocks, this bag might topple over due to the flexibility of the neck joint and its lightweight base.

This punching bag is the perfect option if you want something compact, durable, and will give you value for money.

What’s To Like About The Everlast Omniflex?

  • The absolute best value for money free standing punching bag.
  • Adjustable height.
  • The flexible neck joint allows you to practice agility movements.

What’s Not To Like About The Everlast Omniflex?

  • Cannot handle explosive kicks and high-powered strikes, so not suitable for professionals.
  • The bag makes a tiny bit of noise when struck.

Century B.O.B Training Dummy is the best Realistic Punching Bag.

Century B.O.B. Free Standing Training Dummy

Who doesn’t want a realistic feel while doing combat training? This punching bag offers you the best real-world training simulation during your workout. The Century B.O.B XBody opponent punching bag has a life-like human-shaped structure, allowing you to visualize and focus on different parts of the body fully. This feature makes it perfect for various sparring techniques, self-defense training, and target work. He even has a scowling face to help immerse you even more.

Century B.O.B. Body Opponent Freestanding Training Dummy

Material: Plastisol Vinyl

Sport Type: Boxing

Item Weight: 37 Lbs

Height Adjustable: Yes

Size: 24.6 Inches

Fill: Sand or water

The material used on the outer layer is a high-strength plastisol that easily absorbs shock when delivering strikes to the punching bag. It offers a soft, realistic feel and is almost warm to the touch. The dummy is filled with urethane foam, this together with the flexibility of the plastisol exterior, enables you to work out with or without gloves.

When looking at the base of this freestanding punching bag, it is pretty large and has a generally long, adjustable neck. The base can be filled with either water or sand and, when filled, weigh around 270 lbs. So it’s pretty steadfast and capable of taking some hard punches. On contact, the Century B.O.B. does have a very slight swing to it, but nothing that would have you ducking and diving in retaliation.

The B.O.B XBody is the perfect choice if you’re looking for self-defense training or a more realistic boxing experience. It does a good job of replicating physical contact with a human body and training your eye to focus on specific body areas to calculate landing kicks and punches correctly.

What’s To Like About The B.O.B XBody Training Dummy?

  • Great for specific head and body target training.
  • Height adjustable.
  • Very strudy and durable due to its low profile base.

What’s Not To Like About The B.O.B Training Dummy?

  • Not suited for small or compact trainings areas.

If you are a complete beginner, get the dripex free standing punching bag.

Like the Everlast Omniflex, the Dripex free standing punching bag is also a fantastic beginner’s bag, perfect for a home gym. What makes this bag specifically well-suited for beginners is that it is so lightweight, affordable, and easy to use but still delivers value in terms of training. For novice boxers, this is best as you still need to focus on correcting your posture, mastering techniques, and building up your muscle strength when performing kicks and delivering blows.

Dripex Free Standing Punching Bag

Dripex free standing punchin bag

Material: P.U. leather

Sport Type: Boxing and kickboxing

Item Weight:182 lbs

Height Adjustment: No

Size: 69 Inches

Fill: Sand or water

The external layer of material on this punching bag is a type of P.U. leather, which feels durable, although I’m not sure about its ability to handle consistent, long-term use. The core of the bag is a stainless steel tube that is covered with a special fabric buffer and then encased in a high-density, spring E.P.E. foam as padding. If you don’t yet have gloves or prefer training without them, this bag is safe to do so. The materials used are low-impact and shock absorbent enough not to hurt your bare hands. However, we would always recommend wearing something for added stability and protection.

One this that sets this punching bag apart from the rest lies in the design of the base. Typically, free standing punching bags’ bases will be filled with water or sand; the Dripex has an additional feature. The rounded base can also be filled with sand or water, but it also has 12 suction cups at the bottom of the base, which sticks perfectly to tiles and other smooth floor surfaces. After filling the base with water, it reached a weight of about 140 lbs; filling it with sand, it evened out at 180 pounds. The sucking power of the additional cups added about 176 pounds of sucking power, each! So it is fair to say that this bag will not be going anywhere, which is precisely what every novice boxer needs.

Dripex also added a really impressive shock absorption system to this punching bag. Four springs with dual P.V.C. shock absorbers are located just above the base, at the neck of the punching bag. This helps to improve the level of rebounding from the bag and your ability to predict the accuracy and timing of your kicks and punches better. Again, perfect features for a novice.

I like the ingenuity and design behind this punching bag. It suits the needs of beginners, both kids, and adults, although intermediate boxers will also be able to get their kick out of it. Its easy setup, user-friendly features, and affordable price make a good first-time investment for anyone starting with boxing-type training.

What’s To Like About The Dripex Free Standing Punching Bag?

  • Great option for beginners, both adults and children.
  • More compact and silent than most other punching bags.
  • Great stability base design.

What’s Not To Like About The Dripex Free Standing Punching Bag?

  • The bag is lightweight and not suitable for professional boxers and advanced athletes.
  • It has a very narrow striking surface.
  • No height adjustment option, therefore only suitable for people between 3.9ft and 6ft.

For reflex training, get the ringside cobra reflex punching bag

If cardio and agility training is what you’re looking for, then I’d recommend nothing else other than the new free standing Ringside Cobra reflex punching bag. Its rapid-rebound spring design will ensure that you will build up your speed, precision, and hand-eye coordination conditioning to top form.

Ringside Cobra Reflex Punching Bag

Ringside cobra reflex bag

Material: Faux leather

Sport Type: Boxing speed and agility training

Item Weight: 22 lbs

Height Adjustable: Yes

Size: 62 Inches

Fill: Sand or water

The structure of the bag itself has been redesigned, delivering a more intense workout due to its hyper-reactivity to jabs and punches. The material used for this punching bag is, much like the Dripex, a synthetic leather that is soft but durable enough to withstand intensive training and physicality. The Ringside Cobra is filled with high-quality E.P.E. foam which helps with shock absorption. With Reflex being such a well-known brand in the industry, expectations were already set very high.

This punching bag is a worthwhile investment for agility trainers, but not strength trainers. If you want something for heavy, high-powered workouts, then you would be better off with some of the previously mentioned punching bags. The base can be filled with either sand or water and reaches a maximum weight of about 140 lbs. This is a lightweight base and therefore will not offer sufficient support and stability for high-powered kicks and punches.

This adjustable punching bag’s stainless steel frame can be set to lengths from 5ft to 7 feet. Its main focus is to cater to athletes that want to focus on correcting their agility and footwork precision. Its spring is located in the middle of the stand rather than at the bottom, as is the case with most other free standing punching bags. This makes the bag bounce back much faster and requires a higher level of agility and footwork than other heavier punching bags.

This free standing punching bag will suit athletes who would like to focus on their accuracy, agility, and coordination more so than strength training. It’s definitely a must for hardcore cardio-focused sessions. It’s not the most expensive punching bag, but for its price, you should be certain that this is what you are looking for, otherwise, it’s not going to be the best investment.

What’s To Like About The Ringside Cobra Free Standing Punching Bag?

  • Highly reactive rapid rebound spring in the center of the frame for incredible speed.
  • Height adjustable.
  • Easy and lightweight to set up.

What’s To Like About The Ringside Cobra Free Standing Punching Bag?

  • You are very limited in what you can do with this punching bag.
  • It’s not a very heavy punching bag.

Free Standing Punching Bag Safety Tips

When training with punching bags, it’s important to remain cautious about how you approach your workout. Being able to hit the bag’s surface safely and correctly is paramount. Besides technique, mastering correct footwork and posture can help eliminate the risk of damage. I’ve added basic but necessary safety tips to follow while training.

Protect Your Hands

Before hitting a heavy bag, make sure to protect your hands adequately. This will help you prevent hand injuries, a common occurrence among boxers. Use hand wraps or boxing gloves for safe practice.

Keep Fists Tight

Keep your fists completely closed when hitting the bag. This will help distribute the bag’s force on your hand evenly and avoid hurting a particular part of your hand.

Be Aware Of Your Positioning

This is a very common mistake that people make. If you don’t stand in the correct position, the bag can hit you hard when it recoils. Make sure to step back a little while punching the bag.

Hanging Vs. Free Standing Punching Bags

Hanging Punching Bags

Hanging bags need to be filled with water, foam, or sand. The high-quality hanging bags have the ability to withstand an onslaught of high-powered kicks and punches, however, the major thing that makes them different from free-standing punching bags is that you need to be suspended from a ceiling with heavy-duty ropes or metal chains.
These bags are usually made from leather offering a soft surface on contact.

These bags are popular because of the following benefits:

  • They offer great resistance
  • They have a more challenging swinging motion
  • They are durable
  • They offer multiple workout options

However, they also have a few drawbacks such as:

  • Limited portability
  • They take up a lot of swinging space
  • They can be challenging to install

Free Standing Punching Bags

Like their hanging counterparts, free standing punching bags are a very popular choice of equipment in the boxing and M.M.A. community.

They come with a large base that keeps the bag positioned in one place. The bags are made from a variety of different materials, while the base on which the bag is supported is filled with either sand or water.

Perks of investing in free standing punching bags are:

  • Excellent portability
  • Easy installation
  • They are versatile regarding workouts
  • They have better impact-absorbtion and distribution
  • They require less space than hanging punching bags

On the other hand, some of the drawbacks of these bags include:

  • It takes up floor space
  • The offer lower resistance than hanging punching bags
  • They don’t provide as much focus on footwork as their hanging counterparts

Things To Consider When Choosing A Punching Bag – A Buyer’s Guide

For non-professional boxers, it might be a daunting task to decide on which punching bag would best suit their individual needs. It’s always best to consult experts, but this list will help you identify the basics of what to look for when making your final decision.

What Will You Be Using The Bag For?

The type of training you would like to do will determine the type of punching bag that would be best suited to your needs. Do you need a punching bag for self-defense training, or want to focus on strength training? Are you interested in mastering kickboxing or agility techniques?

This will determine what punching bag you should consider getting.

Consider Your Preferred Type Of Punching Bag

With a wide variety of punching bags available, each with its own strengths and weaknesses it’s important to assess what type would work best for you. To start out with, the most popular punching bags are the following:

  • Free standing punching bag
  • Hanging punching bag
  • Reflex bag
  • Body opponent bag
  • Pole mounted punching bag

Additionally, there are also more specialized punching bags that offer different features and cater to different levels of fitness and proficiency.

  • Speed ball bag
  • Teardrop heavy bag
  • Wall bag
  • Maize bag
  • Double-end bag

What Height Do You Need And Is The Height Adjustable?

Consider your own height and whether or not you want to also use the bag for kicking. In this case, it’s always great to get a height-adjustable option that makes combat training, self-defense training, and martial arts possible. If you want to gain the most benefits of a free-standing punching bag, look for a height-adjusting feature.

Get The Right Size And Weight Punching Bag

Generally, you should pick a punching bag that is close to half your weight. Choosing a lightweight punching bag may not offer you enough resistance, while a weight that is heavier than your own will not respond to your kicks and punches how it should.

In the case of the height of punching bags, 4 or 5 feet long bags are sufficient for adults. But for the best experience, you can purchase a bag with a height equal to or close to your height.

You can also purchase a punching bag by considering the following sizes:

  • 200 pounds works best for heavyweight boxers
  • 100 pounds are best designed for intermediate boxers
  • 70 pounds are more suitable for beginners and teenagers
  • 40 pounds are best for beginners and kids

Quality And Material

High-quality materials are an important factor to consider as it determines the punching bag’s durability and safety features. A quality bag will offer you excellent resistance but will not be too hard on your hand and body with impact. It also impacts that bag’s longevity and prevents wear and tear with extended use.

Leather, synthetic leather, canvas, and plastic are the most common bag materials used, with synthetic leather and leather offering the best results and highest quality. It’s better to first try punching the bag couple of times to test its softness and resistance.

Budget And Pricing

The two most popular types of punching bags are free standing and hanging bags. These normally range anywhere between $150 and $500.

Base Weight And Filling For A Free Standing Punching Bag

If you are looking for a heavy-duty free standing punching bag then consider one with a large base capacity. The heavier the base, the more stable your standing punching bag will be and the more force it will be able to withstand. This is because when you kick or punch the bag, the base prevents it from changing position or toppling over.

Generally, the base can be filled with either sand or water, with sand being the heavier of the two.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Difference Between A Heavy Bag And A Speed Bag?

Speed bags are significantly smaller than heavy punching bags. These bags aim to improve the punching speed of the athlete as well as boost timing, strength, and cardiovascular endurance.

Contrary, heavy bags allow you to practice kicks and punches. They are also versatile, as you can use them for different training sessions, such as combat training.

Can I Use A Punching Bag Without Gloves?

If you are a beginner, punching without any protective gear can cause injury to your hands, due to poor technique. But even if you are a professional boxer, or the bags are soft and impact-absorbent enough for bare hands, not wearing gloves while boxing can be risky, therefore it is always better to have some sort of covering that adds stability and protection to your hands.

Can You Break Your Hand On A Punching Bag?

Hitting the bag at the wrong angle can be dangerous for your bones and may result in a hand fracture, known as “boxer’s break.” Stop your training immediately if you feel a sharp pain in your hand. Also, get help from a trainer or doctor to ensure that you don’t have any fractures.

Is A Free Standing Punching Bag Better Than A Hanging Bag?

Most people prefer free-standing punching bags over hanging bags as they are easier to install, and they don’t require ample space. Free standing punching bags are also better for both beginners and non-professional boxers.

However, at the end of the day, it comes down to your preference and environment.

Should I Fill The Base With Sand Or Water?

Sand and water are great fillers and offer great weight resistance. But sand is recommended as it weighs more than filling your base with water, providing you with better stability.

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