As Seen on TV – Why Should I Invest in a Teeter Inversion Table?


Inversion therapy is an important practice for relaxation and pain relief, so I don’t want to invest my money in something that’s going to be a headache. There are so many great inversion tables on the market, it’s hard to know which are worth the money and which are a piece of junk pretending to be, well, a Teeter inversion table. So let’s take a closer look at this top name in the industry that has quite a rallying cry behind it.

When it comes to inversion therapy tables, the Teeter Hang Ups brand is the most recognized name that’s thrown around and praised by many users. I’ve seen infomercials on TV, ads online and articles in magazines. But I want to be sure that Teeter has more to it then just a big marketing budget – time for a little investigating into Teeter inversion tables to help me decide if this is the right brand for me.

The Brand

Founded by Roger Teeter, a huge proponent of inversion therapy (the 70+ year-old will jump and skip around just to prove how great his back feels), the Teeter brand has been creating inversion therapy equipment since 1981. Since then, the company’s reputation and innovative designs have grown to become leaders in the industry. The engineers and design team consult doctors, chiropractors, athletes and inversion table customers to design the most satisfactory inversion tables as possible. The equipment is made in China, but Teeter values customer service and is available Monday through Friday for assistance.

Validated Quality

The Teeter inversion tables are sturdy, quality tables that you can feel while you use them. But, what is most impressive is the brand’s performance on a 2010 study by outside company Dynamark Engineering. Teeter claims to have come in miles ahead the competition in all categories, including strength, ease of use and ease of assembly. But the Teeter’s performance on the durability test blew everyone away – where most other inversion tables fell apart after time, Teeter held up to so much simulated use that they eventually had to stop the test due to time. You may be paying more for a Teeter, but you can be sure that this durable product is going to hold up well over the years.


Because Teeter has been operating for such a long time, the table designs have benefited from evolution and improvements. Teeter claims that their inversion tables’ durability is because they don’t skimp on important details, like proper welding techniques and reinforcing stress points with heat-treated steel. They even pay attention to the small stuff, like squeak-free roller bearings and a flexible backrest that bends with you. The company has perfected a Precision Balancing feature that keeps the table from accelerating as you tilt and allows you to control the angles easily with simple arm movements and no further assistance.

Similar to the Ironman brand, Teeter inversion tables come in a range of models. However, you’ll notice that all Teeter tables start at a significantly higher price. There is not really a ‘basic model’, since all Teeter Hang Ups feature unique designs and upgraded technology that you won’t find in other brands with lower price points.

Unique Features of Teeter Inversion Tables


Living up to it’s promise of durability, Teeter inversion tables are one of the few that come with a five-year warranty from the manufacturer. Should anything on this hardy piece of machinery go wrong, you’ll be well taken care if.


A unique feature of the Teeter Hang Ups design is that when you fully invert to 90 degrees, your body hangs away from the table. This is a feature that, so far, I have only seen with Teeter inversion tables. It may only be a matter of preference, but some say that this allows for a further stretch. Most Teeter inversion tables also allow you to lock into your inverted position, so you can do core exercises and crunches.


Teeter inversion tables are the king of bonus accessories and useful add-ons. Extra ‘stretch and grip’ handles make your workouts and stretches easier, acupuncture nodes can be customized on the backrest for therapeutic pressure on tight muscles and you’ll even find a selection of lumbar bridges, decompression arches and gravity boots. Most accessories are meant to allow for deeper stretches or to further your practice with exercise.

Comfortable ankle supports

The ankle supports on Teeter inversion tables are worth mentioning, because they are praised by a majority of inversion therapy users as being the most comfortable. Inverting from your ankles will always put a lot of strain on the tops of the feet, but Teeter’s ergonomic ankle supports can be adjusted in more directions than others, and they’re designed to reduce as much pressure as possible. Some models come with a ‘Comfort Adjustment Dial,’ that tilts pads up and down and accommodates different foot sizes. You’ll also find models with an extended handle for an ‘EZ Reach’ way to lock your ankles in.

The Ups and the Down

After all that, it’s hard to deny that the Teeter Hang Ups inversion tables are top contenders for best inversion tables. The Teeter brand is long established, friendly and devoted to small details. You can’t beat this brand for durability and the customizable features make it convenient to add new moves and routines to your inversion practice. But in the end, just because the Teeter is great doesn’t mean that the other, more affordable brands are not great. Inversion therapy gives the same results whether you’re on a basic model or a Teeter. It’s up to you to decide whether the significant price increase for a Teeter is worth the improvements made to the experience, or whether you’re happy to pay half the price for an equally functional table.

Teeter Brand Pros

  • Durability and quality
  • Increased comfort
  • Customizable accessories and options
  • Experienced and Improved Design
  • Customer Service

Teeter Brand Cons

  • Price is substantially higher

If you want unwavering confidence that you’ve invested in the best, most durable inversion table you could find, then a Teeter inversion table is the one and only answer for you.

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