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​​Throughout history, societies all over the globe have understood that a sauna offers beneficial health properties. However, not many people have the time or the means to reap the rewards from sitting in a steamy sauna room. Therefore a sauna suit seems to be a good alternative. 

A sauna suit is made from thick materials, similar to scuba diving and wet suits, to help enhance perspiration, which decreases water retention in the body, improves metabolism, and takes your exercising to the next level. 

Like sauna suits, a waist trainer offers the same effect and result but specifically shapes your waist and abdominal area.

FightSense sauna suit
Our Top Pick

FightSense Sauna Suit For Men And Women

The Fightsense sauna suit is specially designed for weight loss and made from high-quality material. Its unisex design comes as a complete two-piece purchase, meaning that, unlike many other sauna suits, you do not have to buy the top and bottoms separately.

Our Winners

HOTSUIT Sauna Suit – Best Sauna Suit for Men

RAD Sauna Suit – Best Budget Sauna Suit

365 Days Sauna Suit – Best Sauna Suit for Women’s Shape Wear

DMoose Sauna Suit For Women And Men – Best Sauna Suit For Size Diversity

What is a Sauna Suit?

Essentially a watertight tracksuit that keeps your body warm and increases perspiration as you exercise, typically these suits are made from PVC plastic, coated nylon cloth, or neoprene. World champions, such as professional boxer Will Tomlinson and 2019 Spartan World Champion Renee Grace Pickett, use sauna suits to help supplement their training. 

The best sauna sweat suits characteristically use rubberized inner linings and anti-rip fabrics for a lightweight but durable fit designed to endure excessive exercise and agile movements.

​​The Difference Between a Neoprene, Nylon and PVC


High-quality neoprene is the top choice when it comes to sauna suit materials. It is a rubber-like material that is highly durable and performs excellently in high-intensity training. You will be able to comfortably work out with a full range of motion due to this material’s flexibility. Neoprene suits are constructed so that your body will receive adequate ventilation, enabling you to cool down during training. At the same time, sweat is kept away from the body, thus preventing any body odor.

A vital factor to keep in mind regarding neoprene is that some people experience allergic reactions when coming into contact with this material. Therefore it is best to ensure that you do not exhibit any skin irritation or signs of allergy before purchasing a neoprene sauna suit.


On the other hand, nylon is much sturdier and durable than PVC and will last longer, but the quality and longevity of this material still don’t compare to that of neoprene. Wearing sauna suits made from this material for extended periods may be hazardous as it isn’t a very breathable material and traps heat, thus not allowing your body to cool itself throughout your workouts. This may lead to sensations of dizziness or even passing out due to your body being overheated.

PVC Plastic

PVC is a synthetic plastic that is very affordable; however, they are less durable than neoprene and nylon and will tear or rip relatively easily when used in rigorous training routines. They also offer very little in the way of breathability. It is very important to use a breathable fabric when working out, as proper ventilation helps regulate your body’s temperature by naturally cooling down to avoid overheating.

What are the benefits of using a sauna suit?

Primarily designed for quick but temporary weight loss, the use of sauna suits has many other benefits.

Benefits of using a sauna suit infographic.

Note on Safety

Please consult a medical professional or doctor’s opinion and approval before trying this product.

The Best Sauna Suit

To help you narrow down what suit would best fit your specific needs, we divided them into sections that cater directly to men or women.

The Best Sauna Suit For Men

1. Hotsuit Sauna Suit

Hotsuit sauna suit

Material: Patented Silver-Heat REG V2.0

Size: S – 5 XL

Coverage: Full body coverage

Fighters and boxers specifically wear HOTSUIT sauna suits during training and before competitions to eliminate body excess water weight. Athletes need to cut down on water retention rapidly before weighing in, and one way to do this is by wearing a sauna suit while working out. 

This sweatsuit increases sweating (five times more than usual), resulting in unnecessary water weight loss and fat reduction.


This stylish sauna suit for men is made from a lightweight and breathable material, a smooth rubber fabric (Silver-Heat REG V2.0) that will increase perspiration during workouts. J st keep in mind the possibility that some people can have an allergic reaction to this material.

One of the best things about this material is odor-free, meaning no pungent sweaty body odors after a hard workout. The material is also highly flexible and moves well with your body, even throughout rigorous training sessions. 


HOTSUIT offers a large selection of sizes. You can choose from a size small through to 5 XL.


This suit offers full coverage of your entire upper and lower body. 

As mentioned earlier, it is durable enough to be worn for almost any activity. It is windproof and waterproof, so wearing it outdoors would be no problem. T e suit perfectly maintains your body temperature but is also light and breathable, making it suitable to be worn all year during all four seasons. 

Additionally, the logo at the back of the jacket doubles as a reflector, ensuring that you are visible at night or in harsh weather conditions.

Why Should I Buy The Hotsuit Sauna Suit?

  • Ideal for cutting down water retention.
  • Visibility reflectors which is great for joggers.
  • Durable, high-quality, light-weight and breathable material.

2. Boxraw Hagler Professional Sauna Suit

BOXRAW Hagler sauna suit

Material: 100% Polyester

Size: M – 3 XL

Coverage: Full body coverage

The Hagler sauna suit from Boxraw was created in collaboration with numerous World Champions and is intended to be used by professional athletes during their training routines. 

Its design caters to maximum heat retention, complete full range of motion, assisting with water retention and weight loss. The suit is very lightweight yet made from robust materials for long-lasting usage.


The Boxraw Hagler Professional Sauna Suit is made of 100% polyester, and, unlike many other sauna sweatsuits, it is safe for machine washing in cold water. However, do not tumble dry as it might shrink or get damaged. 

The durable, rubberized inside lining on this suit makes it tear-resistant and prevents the material from damaging.


Sizes range from M to 3XL, which offers less variety than other brands. If you prefer a more loose-fitting feel to your workout attire, then it is recommended to buy one size larger as these suits have quite a snug fit. 


BOXRAW’s Hagler sauna suit offers full upper and lower body coverage. The collar, waistline, and cuffs are elasticated for optimal heat retention. The cuffs are adjustable for a secure, airtight fit.

Why Should I Buy The BOXRAW Hagler Professional Sauna Suit?

  • 100% Polyester, perfect alternative for those who are allergic to neoprene.
  • Safe for machine wash.
  • Rubberized wrist straps for heat retention and wrist support. 

3.  FightSense Sauna Suit

FightSense sauna suit

Material: EVA coated Nylon

Size: M – 8 XL

Coverage: Full body coverage

This two-piece unisex sauna suit from FightSense includes both a top and bottom with your purchase. Except for the fact that this suit is highly durable due to the heavy-duty Nylon fabric, it also offers an extensive range of sizes! 

Black nano-technology and heat radiation sweat technology are incorporated in the design of this sauna sweatsuit, which releases surface heat and then reflects it to your body in thermal cycles. This causes the body to heat up and increase perspiration, thereby creating a sauna effect that decreases water retention and contributes to weight loss.

FightSense is confident that this product will offer proper comfort and support during workout sessions. They provide a money-back guarantee should you feel unsatisfied regarding the sauna suit’s quality, durability, or perspiration abilities.


This suit is made from a high-quality EVA coated Nylon that is windproof and waterproof. In addition, because of the hardiness of the material, it is anti-rip and tear-resistant, making it perfect for high-intensity training. The double stitching also adds maximum durability.

Due to the insulative properties of sauna suits that cause excessive sweating, it is important to wash your suit after wear properly. This sauna sweatsuit is machine washable, but handwashing it using cold water is highly advised to extend its longevity.


FightSense caters to a wide range of sizes, from medium to 8 XL. Before buying, use the sizing chart to determine which size would fit you best. The sizing chart should guide you after measuring your waist and chest.


This 2-piece set contains a long sleeve top and bottoms, while elastic gatherings are located at the cuffs, waist, and ankles, increasing sweat production by up to 70%. The cuffs also have adjustable velcro straps to provide a better fit.

The oversized design produces excellent results and is suitable for the gym, running, boxing and MMA training, or other high-intensive workouts. It does not restrict movement or flexibility.

Why Should I Buy The FightSense Sauna Suit?

  • Strong and durable EVA Nylon material.
  • Offer a diverse range of sizes.
  • Designed to enhance sauna effect by up to 70%.

4.  Kutting Weight Short Sleeve Sauna Suit

Kutting Weight Short Sleeve Sauna Suit

Material: SweatTech elastic neoprene

Size: XS – 6 XL

Coverage: 3/4 body coverage

This three-quarter sleeved sauna suit for men will boost your metabolism, cleanse your immune system, help you sweat significantly more, and minimize your risk of injury by warming up your muscles.

Compared to an exercise conducted under identical circumstances without any sauna suit apparel, this gear has been shown to enhance metabolism by up to 20.8 percent and promote weight reduction by 40.4 percent, according to Kutting Weight.


This suit is made from high-quality, durable neoprene and is recommended by many pro athletes and receiving approval from the American Council on Exercise. This fabric is perfect for high-intensity training as it provides comfort, flexibility, and breathability.

This suit is extremely durable due to the quality material and is triple stitched for extra reinforcement.

The material has a two-tone design, with a dual-layer of mesh running down the armpits and the sides and between the legs to provide added ventilation without forgoing heat circulation or acclimation. The logo on the back of the sauna suit is also reflective.


We would always recommend you double-check the provided size charts. However, Kutting Weight ranges from sizes XS to 6XL, making it very inclusive for people of all sizes.


Lower arms and legs are exposed, eliminating a possible suffocation sensation (compared to a long-sleeved suit) while still creating a sauna effect on the most important target areas of the body.

The sauna sweat suit isn’t overly tight but sits snug enough to properly build and retain heat while also giving you a full range of movement. Kutting Weight’s sauna suit can be worn as outerwear; however, it is discreet enough to be worn underneath other training gear, should you choose to.

Why Should I Buy The Kutting Weight Sauna Suit?

  • High-quality SweatTech elastic neoprene material and ACE approved.
  • Can increase metabolism by up to 20.8% and weight loss by up to 40.4%, according to Kutting Weight.
  • Large size diversity (XS – 6XL).

5.  RAD Neoprene Sauna Suit

RAD Neoprene sauna suit

Material: DS Neoprene

Size: M – 3 XL

Coverage: 3/4 body coverage

The RAD sauna suit increases perspiration, burns fat, and removes toxins to help shrink your waistline, flatten your belly, enhance your posture, and help build muscles. The neoprene material induces increased body heat, holding a pleasant warmth resulting in you feeling physically relaxed when you exercise or train.

Recommended care instructions suggest hand washing the suit in cold water and hanging them to dry. However, you should try not to place this suit in direct sunlight as it may compromise the material’s longevity. Do not wash them in warm water.


Made from DS Neoprene, this ultra-thin sauna suit is designed to be flexible and light. Alternatively to other similar sauna products, this suit has a loose-fitting design, allowing you freedom of movement without the claustrophobic sensation of hot and tight-fitting bodysuits.

The extreme flexibility of the neoprene fabric comfortably conforms to the shape and movement of your body while covering the upper arms, legs, and body. T e design of flatlock seams and insulating cuffs provide a steady heating and sauna effect, increasing the amount of sweat that your body produces.


The RAD suit comes in sizes M to 3 XL. They have a size chart available and suggest buying one size larger than your actual size.


The suit covers your body and your upper arms and legs only. Additionally, it is entirely windproof and waterproof.

Why Should I Buy The RAD Neoprene Sauna Suit?

  • Entirely wind and waterproof.
  • Collar cuffs and ankles are elastic and retractable, adding extra comfort.
  • Durable and high-quality anti-rip neoprene material.

The Best Sauna Suit For Women

1.  365 DAYS Sauna Suit

365 days sauna suit for women

Material: Durable fabric with a silver PU coating

Size: M – 4 XL

Coverage: Full Body

This sauna suit by 365 Days is such a casual, low-key design that you can almost be forgiven for overlooking it as a contender. Although it doesn’t look like an actual sauna suit, instead much more like something you’ll put on while lounging about at home, this ultra-lightweight suit has a silver PU coating on the inside that creates a sauna effect while you wear it.

Sold as a two-piece, the long sleeve top and bottoms are very comfortable to wear as you exercise or perform everyday tasks. Wearing this suit for a 30min workout will deliver sweating results equivalent to 2 hours of training.


The silver PU coating raises your core temperature by trapping in your body’s heat, boosting your metabolism, and accelerating weight loss. The material’s lightweight characteristics make it easy to move and do high-intensity training during a workout.

This suit is odor and allergy-free, making it the perfect choice for people on the go. Wear this suit on a grocery trip, grab a quick lunch or Starbucks, run errands, or train. 3 5 Days have made an extremely versatile sauna suit to fit almost any activity.


The RAD suit comes in sizes M to 3 XL. They have a size chart available and suggest buying one size larger than your actual size.


Our recommendation is always to check the provided size chart before placing your order. Sizes range from M to 4 XL.

Why Should I Buy The 365 DAYS Sauna Suit?

  • Silver PU interior coating that promotes perspiration.
  • Odor and allergy-free.
  • Very lightweight and versatile to wear.

2.  KEBILI Sauna Suit

KEBILI sauna suit

Material: Premium blend 82% Polyester, 18% Polyurethane

Size: S – 5 XL

Coverage: Full Body

Kebili initially started out supplying specialized sauna suits to national Olympic teams. Due to their success in creating high-quality products, they soon branched out to offer their sauna suits to all sports and fitness enthusiasts. 

Their suits are produced in-house and are sleek, practical, and comfortable to wear. It is specifically designed to maximize your workouts’ effectiveness by promoting perspiration and healthy weight loss. 


This sauna sweatsuit is made from a self-developed lightweight fabric, a premium blend of Polyester and Polyurethane that is wind and waterproof. The inner material has a special silver coating that acts as a heat-trapping barrier. 

Furthermore, due to the four-way stretch characteristic of the fabric, this suit is exceptionally flexible. At the same time, the double overlock stitching provides extra strength and durability to the suit’s design. This is perfect for high-intensive activities or practicing yoga when full-range movement is required.


As always, we recommend checking out the provided size chart, which is highly accurate, ranging from a size S to 5 XL.


This sauna suit offers full-body coverage and is entirely wind and waterproof. An added benefit is that the suit’s fabric is developed to reduce noise while exercising, so there won’t be any chaffing sounds as you move.

Why Should I Buy The KEBILI Sauna Suit?

  • Fully wind and waterproof.
  • Noise reduction fabric.
  • Premium lightweight fabric (Polyester and Polyurethane).

3.  Hotsuit Sauna Suit

Hotsuit sauna suit

Material: Premium blend 82% Polyester, 18% Polyurethane

Size: S – 5 XL

Coverage: Full Body

This beautifully designed sauna suit for women was specially created by HOTSUIT to be worn by competitive boxers to reduce water weight before competitions quickly. Furthermore, using this sauna sweatsuit will help your body burn calories and, combined with a healthy, clean diet and regular, consistent exercise, will achieve some pretty spectacular weight loss results.


HOtSUIT used a patented wear-resistant silver-heat V2.0 fabric that is durable, odorless, and perfectly maintains your body temperature. The material is smooth to the touch and very lightweight, making for comfortable workout attire.

A luminous, reflective logo is located on the back of the jacket, helping with visibility if you’re training outside after dark. This sauna suit is odorless, and we would additionally suggest that you consider wearing the HOTSUIT sweat-absorbent T-shirt underneath your suit for added protection.

Furthermore, the fabric is completely wind and waterproof, making it perfect workout wear for all seasons.


The available sizes range from S to 5XL. A size chart is provided as a guide; however, we suggest that instead, choose to buy one size larger if you don’t like snug-fitting clothing when it comes to your workouts.


When it comes to coverage, this two-piece sauna suit from HOTSUIT offers full-body coverage. Additionally, the closed cuffs and elastic waistband effectively lock in heat, promoting increased perspiration.

Why Should I Buy The Hotsuit Sauna Suit?

  • Fully wind and waterproof.
  • Sweat-absorbent and odorless.
  • Silver-heat V2.0 fabric.

4.  BRABIC Sauna Suit

Brabic sauna suit

Material: Neoprene

Size: S – XL

Coverage: Abdominal and Thighs

The Brabic sauna suit for women is perfect for aerobic boxing and yoga enthusiasts. Apart from functioning as shapewear, it also offers sauna functionality by heating the abdominal area, increasing sweating, and reducing water weight.


This flattering sauna suit is made from high-quality neoprene that is elastic, stretchable, and breathable. Just keep in mind that some people do experience allergic reactions to neoprene products, so if you experience any rashes or itching while wearing the suit, please take it off immediately and consult medical advice for proper treatment.

Structurally, the suit has an open bust design with a zipper closure and adjustable shoulder straps. The armpit and crotch areas are lined with breathable mesh fabric to increase ventilation and prevent body odors.

Only wash this suit in cold water with a mild detergent. Do not dry clean or iron as this will harm the integrity of the material.


The BRABIC sauna suit is quite limited as it only ranges from a size S to 2 XL.

For sizing, measure your waistline (1 inch above your navel) and read the size chart accordingly to determine your best size.

We also suggest NOT to use the size card provided by any suppliers other than BRABIC as these are not entirely accurate. If you are still unsure, we recommend contacting them directly before placing an order.


The underbust and mid-thigh cut offers abdominal and thigh support while defining your waist and smoothing and shaping your body.

Why Should I Buy The BRABIC Sauna Suit?

  • It can alternatively be used as shapewear –  smoothing and shaping your body.
  • High-quality neoprene that is elastic, stretchable, and breathable.
  • Adjustable shoulder straps and mesh fabric for ventilation.

5.  DMoose Sauna Suit

DMoose sauna suit for women and men

Material: Nylon

Size: S – 8 XL

Coverage: Full body

Another super comfortable and all-purpose sauna suit is the DMoose sauna suit for women and men. This sauna sweatsuit is perfect for women who prefer to train and work out in more loose-fitting, comfortable attire yet still looks good while getting the wish-for results. 

This two-piece sauna suit consists of a full-body lightweight jacket and pants with a silk-like thermoplastic look and feel.

This suit’s primary design intends to quickly build up heat and hold on to it to create a sauna effect while wearing the suit, which is a fantastic way to accelerate your body’s calorie-burning potential and help relieve acute muscle soreness.


As mentioned, this suit is made from lightweight nylon. The great thing about nylon is that it’s very durable yet at the same time lightweight and comfortable to wear. This combination is perfect for activewear. The flexibility of the material offers a full range of motion, while the thermal characteristic increases perspiration which will help you to shed excess water weight and burn more calories.

The silky thermoplastic exterior of the fabric also makes the suit an excellent choice for outdoor use as it is completely wind and waterproof.


When it comes to inclusivity and size diversity, DMoose is at the top. This suit is available in sizes small to 8 XL. All sizes have zippered closure and zippered jacket and pants pockets.


This two-piece sauna suit offers full-body coverage.

Due to the nature of nylon and similar blends, the fabric is exceptionally sweat-absorbent and dries quickly, which is why it is a popular choice for activewear. However, DMoose claims that this suit is odor-free.

As nylon usually tends to retain some odor, we suggest that you regularly wash your sauna suit. It is preferable to handwash both the jacket and then pants to maintain the high quality of the material.

Why Should I Buy The DMoose Sauna Suit?

  • Fully wind and waterproof.
  • Made from silk-like, thermoplastic nylon.
  • DMoose offers a very large range of available sizes.

What to look for when choosing a sauna suit – a buyer’s guide

When it comes to activewear, there are a few things to consider when deciding what attire would best suit different workout and training routines. The same can be said of sauna suits, as they are worn for different reasons and during different activities.

This means considering factors such as the type of activity you will be performing while wearing the sauna suit and whether or not it will be durable to withstand it, the level of flexibility the suit would need to offer, the areas of coverage it has, and size availability, to name a few.


The sauna suit’s fabric should have the ability to maintain its form and durability after training activities and routines. The most common material used for sauna suits includes PVC plastic, nylon, and neoprene. Is the material sweat-absorbent? Is the material known to cause allergies? Is it washable in the machine, or should it be hand washed in cold water? The integrity and composition of the chosen material will indicate the suit’s longevity and overall quality.


Sauna suits are priced all over the board. They are mainly influenced by the material used, the suit’s design, and overall quality.

Always consider how much money you want to spend and whether or not you are dedicated enough to see any ROI after purchase.


Think about what your intended purpose is with your sauna suit. Will you be wearing it when you’re out and about simply running errands, doing low-intensity workouts such as yoga, or high-intensity training such as boxing? Will it be able to handle constant friction and movement? Is the stitching and fabric touch enough to withstand general wear and tear?


Always make sure about the proper washing instructions of different sauna suits. Some suits are only hand-washable, while others are perfectly fine to put into a washing machine.

Some fabrics are much more sweat-absorbent and odorless than others. This is important as it may indicate how often you should wash it.


If you wear a sauna suit during rigorous training regimes, it should have sufficient flexibility and mobility by providing a full, unrestrictive range of movement.


The great thing about sauna suits is that there are many different variations and options to choose from regarding what parts of your body you want to be covered.

Most commonly, full-body coverage is preferred. However, some people do not like the claustrophobic feeling of having your entire body heated and covered up. So, they opt for suits that either only cover their torso, upper arms, and thighs or mainly focus on their torso and abdominals.

Additionally, you also have the option to choose between a full-on one-piece sauna suit or a two-piece set that consists of a jacket and pants.


The size of your sauna suit is quite crucial because if it is too tightly fitting, it can disrupt your blood circulation and make your workout very unpleasant.

Alternatively, suppose your suit is too loose. In that case, the desired results will be less effective due to heat escaping, which is entirely counterproductive to what you want to achieve by wearing a sauna suit.

Therefore, you want to be sure that the size you choose is firstly available and, secondly, a proper fit.


The sweat suit’s design shouldn’t only appear aesthetically pleasing, but it should also be functional, practical, and comfortable.

Consider whether you will be wearing it indoors or outdoors.

If you intend to wear it while out jogging, having wind and waterproof design is essential. If you will be out at night, would you prefer the sauna suit to have light reflectors so that people can see you properly?

Risks involving rapid weight Loss techniques

A sauna sweat suit is often used with other weight loss techniques such as high intensive exercise, frequent exposure to saunas or steam rooms, or fasting. It is highly recommended that you shouldn’t use your sauna suit for more than 5 to 10 minutes at a time. However, this combination of rapid weight loss techniques over extended periods could have serious adverse effects on your body and how it functions, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Some of these rapid weight loss techniques can negatively impact your body’s overall health:

  • Cardiovascular function
  • Thermal regulation
  • Hydration and electrolyte balance
  • Muscle strength and edurance
  • Renal Function
  • Electrical activity

Many professional athletes use sauna suits, but it is essential to be responsible and use them properly.

frequently asked questions

1. Are Sauna Suits Really Effective?

ACE Fitness published an article on a study done by Dr. Lance Dalleck, Ph.D. (High Altitude Exercise Physiology Program), and his research team at the Western State Colorado University. The study concluded that regular exercise while wearing a sauna suit may help you lose weight, burn fat, lower blood sugar levels, and increase aerobic fitness.

To make your workout more effective, start the transition from low-impact to high-impact exercises. Such as taking a walk before running.

Also, make sure to listen to your body by not overdoing workouts while wearing a sauna sweat suit, and rehydrate properly.

2. Is It Safe To Wear A Sauna Suit?

The American Council on Exercise expresses that using sauna suits while exercising can be extremely dangerous if not done under the right conditions and circumstances. They urge people with diabetes or other pre-existing conditions to use sauna suits with approval and professional guidance from medical professionals.

The recommended time frame in which sauna suits should be worn is between 5 to 10 minutes. Do not wear it the entire day. This is extremely unhealthy and can even be fatal due to the acceleration of body temperature and circulation within the body, leading to overheating and extreme dehydration.

3. What should I Wear Under My Sauna Suit?

Most people choose to wear lightweight, absorbent clothing items beneath their suit. Avoid wearing anything too heavy, restricting movement, or contributing to overheating.

To avoid dehydration, drink lots of water throughout your workout and remove your suit if you start to feel dizzy or weak.

FightSense sauna suit
Our Top Pick

FightSense Sauna Suit For Men And Women

The Fightsense sauna suit is specially designed for weight loss and made from high-quality material. Its unisex design comes as a complete two-piece purchase, meaning that, unlike many other sauna suits, you do not have to buy the top and bottoms separately.

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